head to head against AI

A few nights ago I got AI cars challenging for head to head races like FH2. This has never happened in FH4 before. And it hasn’t happened since. Is there a trigger point which causes the AI cars to be out for head to head races. This was one of the aspects of FH4 I thought was missing. It was there for one night and then it was gone.

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Are you saying that AI drivatars are challenging you
Ive never had that…even in fh2

Are you sure you werent in online mode and another player challenged you??

Someone has to know!

Ok, off line you get to run the head to head races against the AI like you did in FH2 and I guess in FH3. But all you get out of the race is rep points for street scene races, no credit value for these races. So they’re semi pointless. Well you get a few skill points too but the races are short so there’s not much point. Might as well just stick to the main street races.

Is this where you get behind an AI car and hit enter to race with them? The trigger is to get up close behind them, which I think is all part of the game, if I’m not mistaken.
I’m doing that a lot, you win credits and I can’t remember the last time I played offline, if at all.