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Just saw this on the Project Cars forums. Sounds like the head honcho isn’t a big fan of Turn 10, or at least not impressed with their originality. (Sorry, btw, this is the best I know how to do as far as copy and pasting.)

Ian Bell

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“I decided I could wait no longer to play this game and just had to purchase it, the long wait spanning what seems like two years has been unbearable, now I am a noob at racing games, I am okay at Forza Motorsport 5 but that’s because the AI isn’t really that testing and invites you to pass them at every corner! How does Project Cars differ to Forza Motorsport? I know there is a learning curve to PC and I like that, I like a challenge. Now what will the support for PC be like? Will there be DLC which offers more cars and more racing venues in the future?”

We’re actually pretty close. They’ve been copying everything we’ve done since GTR2.

I’m being lighthearted of course.

It’s not like we nailed in cockpit movement of drivers head under gForces, then it appeared in Forza. Or it’s not like we implemented reactive driver hands on the wheel with micro-reflex movements, which then appeared in Forza (and DriveClub). It’s not like we implemented in-cockpit windscreen reflections, which then appeared in Forza. It’s not like we designed Autolog for EA, which we redesigned as Driver Network which then appeared…
Maybe they should add on-screen telemetry… hold on…

As I say, no relationship whatsoever.

Keep following guys

Following on from the above. Here’s where the real fun starts. We know now that Forza needs to implement fully dynamic weather and time of day to compete with what we’ve put out. They’ll need to do this for all circuits and they’ll need to run at 60 FPS.

They’ll need to implement pitstops and the proper racing strategy associated with said pitstop functionality to be a proper simulation of racing.

They’ll probably add our helmet cam next, maybe with the dynamic focus to apex graphics whizz.

I reckon they need to implement ‘live track’. Something we implemented 10 years ago in GTR2. Racing tracks vary massively from hour to hour, temperature change to humidity change, altitude to altitude. Over the course of a race weekend rubber is laid down. The track gets more grip online, less offline. Marbles are thrown off progressively. Any racing simulation needs to be covering this.

I have a sneaking feeling they’ll do the above, or delay the game by a year so they can.


I keep finding more good stuff:

Quote Originally Posted by RacerPaul65 View Post

“Are you implying that pCARS maintains 60fps at all times on console, weather and time of day included?
I like pCARS very much btw, but I don’t think it’s locked at 60fps on X1 or PS4”

Ian Bell’s reply:
"Not implied or stated. But we’re close and getting closer.

We have the flexibility to ship with frames that occasionally drop during heavy throughput. Forza have staked their claim on always being 60.

Why do you think it shipped with so few tracks and cars on track at once? Those that didn’t hit 60 were cut.

It is though, to be fair, a 1st party product on one console made by a Microsoft team. They should be able to do it surely. "

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That entire thread is gold if you are mining for someone that is swinging for the fences. Too bad he has a little bat right now, game is in shambles.


The thread is def worth reading, gold as you said. I was willing to give the game a chance and wait on the patches to fix the broken game but Ian Bell’s arrogant, condescending and even delusional posts forced me to get a refund for my dig copy. I’ve never in my life seen the head of a company be so disrespectful to the people that buy their product.

Ian Bell=biggest troll on the Pcars forums, with the mods just one step behind him.


He’s pretty bad, trust me though, when he sees and quotes that 84 on the Metacritic score he also see’s that user scores in the 5’s. He’s an insecure spoiled brat and it’s no wonder with his attitude why everything he’s touched has been a glitchy failure…he also casts blame every single time on someone else. The common denominator isn’t EA, another publisher, hardware, etc. The common denominator is him.


Lighthearted, eh? 'Cause those are the kinds of accusations you hear coming from a company head every day. Great use of the “I’m kidding” card, Mr. Bell, followed by a rant seemingly reversing your Joker. Metacritic rates 100 of 100. Guess what? Time to announce Project CARS 3!

Now, I hope Turn 10 Studios serves up some crow come E3 and that Mr. Greenawalt considers sending Ian Webster (a proper Ian) over to Slightly Mad’s doorstep to drop off a steaming pile of animal fecal mater – coincidently contained in WiiU packaging – for that smug butt-hat.

Slightly Mad’s public relations team might want to put the kibosh on that clown’s act before he further spoils everything the team has worked so hard for.

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I’d reverse course a little here. At least SMS devs and team are on their forums, something that is sorely lacking here on fm.net and has been for some time. I don’t expect Dan to come here and make an ass of himself and would never want to see it for his and the companies sake but some presence would be nice. Ian on the other hand would be nice to say anything but he’s generally too concerned with Neogaf or something else to care. The amount of times we got our information from posts there and brought them here to fm.net was inexcusible.

There is a line between the two that needs to be found…the head of SMS though, I can’t even put into words what his commentary makes me think. He had some things to say about Assetto as well and he’s been the head of so much bad it’s well…


Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. SMS’ dedication to community interaction is top-notch and I don’t refute that. It’s the fact that Mr. Bell is the head of Slightly Mad and, yet, acts like he’s an intern who has gained unfettered access to the company’s social media account that is bothersome.

ego gonna ego.

Well I can’t deny he’s a [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] on his own forum and actively trolling members on it. Seems the type of guy you’d just want to offer a drink to and then watch him suffer over a cement mixer and laugh.


I think the PCARS head is a bit of an insecure douche.

He’s probably butt-hurt that Forza has gotten so many things right, including physics and especially engine audio.

Even with PCARS on the console map, I do not believe it poses any serious threat to Forza. The decision to not make the franchise a full-on racing/motorsport simulation is with good reason, and T10 will continue to do what they do best: keep us car lovers happy.

However, it would be nice to simulate some actual track conditions like different tire compounds, and cars handling differently on varying track surfaces, proper pit stops, fuel depletion and tire wear, endurance racing etc. I know it’s a tall order, but it should be considered at some point, along with the possibility of driving not just different times of the day and weather conditions, but also mud/dirt and snow (hint hint).

I was downright offended by PCARS when I got it on the X1; last-gen graphics, pop up and tearing is all over the place on occasions, and the control was wild and untamed before a patch finally came out… still can’t understand why the wheel and front tires get so stiff once the car starts sliding - the opposite happens in real life, much is the case with Forza. The engine sounds though are quite good. Is the overall sound design better than Forza 5? No chance at all.

I’m not a T10 advocate or displaying any kind of “fanboism” whatsoever. I love realistic driving games, and Forza is a pure winner in nearly all categories. PCARS lacks polish; when I got it, I was desperately asking people around to get it off my hands after just an hour. The retailer had a no-refund policy.

It still sits on my cabinet but I hardly ever play it. Forza + Horizon just keep dragging me back although my love for realistic driving games is always primary. PCARS unfortunately feels like a cheap and rushed game, though the physics are a handful, I’ll give them that. Forza’s feel more direct and accurate to me though.

Just my 2.

Project Cars was released in a total shambles its a bug ridden mess but don’t worry there are patches to look forward to to fix the mountain of bugs :facepalm:. Guess what Ian Bell people who payed good money for the game have the right to complain but smug git Ian Bell trolls the forum pretending alls right in the Project Cars world. Dan Greenawalt would never disrespect another team the way Ian Bell does. Ian just comes across as a deluded brat. DAT trashman I totally agree with you mate “Ian Bell=biggest troll on the Pcars forums, with the mods just one step behind him.”. I hope Forza 6 kicks the smugness out of Ian Bell Bell big time.

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I don’t have the game, but I’ve read some of his posts on the forums and he just comes off as an arrogant [Mod edit - WSD - Swearing and alluding to swearing is against the ToS]. Someone serving as the head of a studio should practice a little more humility and humbleness instead of attacking other games and making it sound as if I’m listening to a political campaign trying to smear the opponent. The FM series has always done great and continues to strive to be better. Dan even admitted faults for FM5 and I’m sure will strive to make FM6 a game that next gen users will be proud of.


I read that thread when it started. Man he is a piece of work.


If it’s true what you all saying that he’s badmouthing, then it seems pretty much like most of you now do exactly the same - badmouthing that is based on scrypt copied from his forums.

Clearly you have not read Mr. Bell’s commentary and his allegations that Turn 10 has blatantly copied his successes; so, allow me to show you the fault in your argument. The individual being discussed is the company head of a videogame development studio. He is not a community member, not a forum moderator, not a faceless coder gone rogue; he is an executive leader responsible for the professional management of a business with a certain level of expectations to uphold when it comes to external communication. We, on the other hand, as members of this community are not recognized as representatives of any brand; we are consumers who may speak our minds because we are in the position to do so as members of the public and as end users.

Simply: my comments as The Shadow Edge, and those of the other posters in this thread, are not a representation of our professional associations. For Mr. Bell, he is and has identified himself as the head of a company; therefore, his opportunity to disaffiliate himself from the Slightly Mad Studios brand is long gone.

Whether you like it or not, I find great value in members of the public calling out the unprofessionalism of a public official, whether of a governmental or private entity (see Tony Hayward). I make no apologies if you feel my responses are harsh; the allegations he makes and the history of his conduct are, in my opinion, fitting of the scrutiny you see above.


I agree that his attitude is lacking, but it is nice to have someone actually involved with their game on the game’s forum responding to some questions and concerns. I’d take a bit of attitude any day over constantly being ignored.

The problem is we don’t have to and shouldn’t have to take either but we somehow have both.


Right on. Now, if only there was a way to get the Turn 10 Community Team to talk more … I got it: put John on Twitch 24/7! He’s got a streak of leaks going, as of late. Ha!

In all seriousness, though, the new DiRT Rally team is really taking community management and engagement to a whole new level and I would love see that level of interaction around here.

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That’s because it is in early access and they need to…still a Codemasters game so don’t get your hopes up.