Head 2 head unbeatable

Anyone else having this problem?
First head 2 head you hsve to do.
Ive tried 10 times and no matter what the laferrari just keeps pulling on me.
Had flawless races.
No clue why

Feel like such an idiot…
Elite controller trigger locks were on…
Please close


Yeah I figured that as well when I first played the demo. Though I do not understand why this is causing problems. Even when we lock them, they are supposed to work right? The lock should become the new ‘final input’, otherwise what’s the point of it?
I first noticed it in the Battlefield 1 beta where I couldn’t fire the elite class guns nor sniper rifles because the lock was on. I wouldn’t want to use it with racing games anyway (without lock you can change between throttle more gradually), but it should work.
Seriously what’s the advantage of the lock if it doesn’t register it as the final input?

Depends on how deadzones and min/max inputs are set up. If the trigger needs to be ALL the way down for 100% throttle on the profile being used, with the trigger locks on the trigger will never get there and you won’t get full throttle.

I thought so but isn’t it a bit weird Microsoft designs a controller that is supposed to grant ‘advantages’ yet few games support it … people pay 150 for this thing.

I’ve got one and it works on all games, you just set it up in a separate app on the xbox. The controller itself will save 2 profiles (you can save more in the app and switch them out onto the controller) that you can switch between via a switch. So on mine, I have a profile set up for GTAV (and most other shooter type games) and one for Forza games, each with different sensitivity curves, input values, etc.

So like on my GTAV profile I set it up so that where the trigger lock stops becomes “100%” engaged, but with my Forza profile I have it set up so the trigger has to be all the way down for it to register 100%.

Ah so that’s the problem! I never touched the calibrating and stuff since I’m not acknowledged with it. Will definitely give it a try then. Thanks for info!

Did you try lowering the difficulty?Edit: Never mind, it seems to be a controller settings issue.