HDR Display not detected on PC

Hello like the title says Horizon 4 is not detecting my HDR display on my PC despite Forza 7 displaying HDR just fine on the same PC and Horizon 4 even displays on the same tv in HDR on my Xbox One S. Didn’t see this in the known issues and all searches return very little. Any help or feedback would be appreciated as the game really does look amazing in HDR.


You have to enable YCbCr422 or YCbCr 4:2:2 in Nvidia Control Panel (Res Change, Use Nvidia color, YCbCR…)

Then, go to Display parameters (right click in desktop) and enable HDR.

I personnally use YCbCr422 with my 4K HDR 55".

I have the same issue were the game says “no hdr display detected” but my TV says it is getting an HDR signal and windows 10 also says HDR is active in the display settings.

I did try RGB and 4:4:4 but if I use 4:2:2 in the Nvidia settings, windows toggles off HDR and TV no longer reports HDR signal.

Horizon 4 does seem to render in HDR and TV reports HDR10 but the in-game settings/options reports “no hdr display detected”

Hi everyone just an update as I have resolved the issue. After doing what Trickst4rz suggested and it still not working I discovered the cause. In the basic options menu it turns out the option to enable HDR was a blank field that just said on/off if you hovered your mouse over it. After turning this blank option field to “On” the game detected my HDR display. Silly but it is working now.