Have the servers gone down?

I can’t connect to multiplayer or start rivals. I also can’t buy dlcs.

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They’ve been down for about an hour for me. I contacted Xbox chat and they had me remove my profile from my console and Riyadh it back as if that was going to be some magic cure-all to make their servers work! [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity is not permitted - D]… then they told me I just have to wait for turn 10 to fix the problem…

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It seems to work on and off. I got into a multiplayer last night, than it went down but came back again a little later.

Installed the game last night via games with gold deal Forza 5. Single player is fun haven’t been able to play multiplayer 1 second due to servers unavailable error. Oh well least this game was for free.

Oh thank god i thought i was the only one with this issue and this game i so old that is hard to believe that they are doing somenthing.

at this time i still cant play online or rivals so i hope they fix this problem soon.

are some of you still having this problem too?, or are you already able to play online

I’ll take a wild guess that the servers are under a lot of strain, as Forza 5 was part of the Games with Gold starting yesterday. (I also downloaded it, as I had gone from 4 to 6).

The servers are back up now but I can’t change my rival in rivals mode.

tested 5 minutes ago… in rivals mode, no times for all the time attack class (2 days ago they were ok…for a short time) , only vip/monthly/challenge/autocross/drift are working good… and for multi, still down…

struggles to contain excitement

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the waiters are still hs: / it’s going to be 10 days now and still no improvement it’s very surprising to turn10 to leave a game as is

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Hey guys,

We had to turn off the Class-Based Rivals for now. I will let you all know when that is back up and running. But, the MP is good to go and even got a nice little configuration upgrade over the weekend!

Thank you for the update. Any chance to upgrade the search and sorting methods for tunes. It is clunky as I’ll get out and seems bugged as half the tunes do not show stats. (yes just got Forza 5, yes it was free, but yall got $8 outta me for car packs, help a brotha out)

Hello, is this fix it becomes long not to be able to play with friends: '(in addition impossible to fight because of the withdrawal of rivals who serves nothing -_-