Have metallic colors gone?

Back in Forza 3 & 4, you could choose metallic paint for your car. This doesn’t seem to be available in Forza 6. Am I missing something?

The custom colors tab, or whatever it’s called, you have regular colors tab, then manufacturers, third tab you have two reds and then a bright METALLIC GREEN color. You select that and then you hit X and Y and custom set the properties of each to make your metallic color. You may want to look at the color you want ion the regular tab first and get the properties and then go to the metallic and set them.

But yes, metallic is alive and well.

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Thanks for the explanation. Seems like a needless complication compared to 360 era games, but good to know it’s still an option. I prefer metallic paint on most cars.

what old school said,

you need to adjust special colors with x and y.

i would have been first to quit if metallic paint was out of the game

I usually adjust the Y aspect first and then the X, but I’m probably doing it backwards. The metal flake is usually a lighter tone. Most true metal flake paint has silver toned flakes, some has gold flakes and the crazy stuff custom colored. I would love it if you could adjust the flake size for some old school 40’s Mercury giant flake paints from the 60’s. Think bass boat…