Hate Forza 6 more than I've ever hated another game!

Right, where do I start?!?

  1. I played 24 hours worth of game play online making approx 6/7mil (incl spins) this is fine - I love that you can make a lot of money easily however, when it comes to transferring my data (sync) it doesn’t transfer to my other Xbox as it times out at 40% without fail!

  2. starting grids on hopper lobbies. I was an avid GT racer averaging top 3 in all courses on FM5. Even with ‘bashing’ in hopper lobbies on FM5 I was still able to make my way through the places fairly easily and get to the front to get some clean laps…FM6 on the other hand is quite simply horrendous, for example, I have done rivals on the nurburgring and currently sitting in 21st with the pagani zonda (big reps to ‘solid ghost fox’ for the fantastic tune!) but going into a lobby and racing, it’s just a case of smashing for a whole 2 laps without any chance of getting through the places!

Now turn 10 need to sort out: grid positions - maybe space out a bit more so that those who don’t actually race and just sit there are easily overtaken without being rammed by the person behind or simply ghost them if they don’t press a button!!!

They also need to take reporting seriously, and review the people that are simply in the lobby to smash/unable to drive literally!

Now end notes: could someone please give me an idea on how to transfer the data!?

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Rant over.

hated more than any other game? go play ET and come back.

Thank you for your feedback.