Has the Festival Playlist Update solved the Dirty Driver problem?

So, just a bit of an observation. After hopping into Ranked Adventure for the first time since the Festival Playlist update, I noticed that the number of diehard rammers, wallriders and other forms of dirty drivers has pretty much vanished into thin air. Went through four Ranked Adventures in a row without having to deal with one of them. Has anybody else noticed this, or did I just get lucky?

Got lucky, I had plenty of good races last week. The outright rammers we’re few. Of course on occasion I still ended up in a match where a teammate tried pushing me off course. It’s luck of the draw and don’t see any way to avoid it.


I sure hope this is true! I didnt race online last night after the update. I did do some ranked games but thats not competitive racing. We’ll see

Complete luck, and there’s no way they can “fix” the dirty driver problem without no collisions racing.

Going through my 10 online adventures to get ranked, there were a few that were mostly clean. It started out horrible and I almost gave up:

In my third adventure, I was in a lobby with DaReoCharmer, S1 street racing … coming off 2, uh, unpleasant experiences before. I started dead last, with DaReoCharmer about in the middle of the pack. Somehow, I got through the back of the pack clean even though the back of the pack was in all out combat mode, then I miraculously avoided a crash in front of me that involved a couple of player cars and an AI traffic car. Things were going well … until, on a long sweeper, somebody behind me cut the entire turn to use my car to make up 100 feet. I ended up in the forest … and I quit.

I only decided to finish up qualifying later, after realizing that I could just sit at the start while I watch TV. So I finished up qualifying, seeing some clean races and mostly dirty races, and parking whenever I got frustrated. I parked about 10 of the 30 events, and won about 10. It was not fun.

That’s pretty much online adventure. If you happen to get lucky and be in with other people that want to drive instead of whatever it is those other people think they are doing, it’s not too bad. But that only happens when the whole lobby chooses to play it like that. The decision is in the hands of the players, and there’s no way they can police it without making something else worse … unless they go to no collisions.

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As long as we’ve been waiting for the wallride fix, ghosted rank should be easy. Make the lobbies exactly like Horizon life. Traffic would still be active but you cant collide with the other racers. Since I stick to the street race and cross country rooms, when you get plowed in a corner during a street race, its over for you. Not just that race but the overall lobby. I mentioned before if you finish anything less than 5th (10 points) in those 5 events, forget it. 82 points 99% of the time is enough to hold off anyone trying to steal the win in the last event.

So yes, there is no catching up because there’s no wall to save you from going so far off the route, it would take 30 seconds to drive back. Just hit the rewind button and start cursing up a storm because you’re so angry people dont enjoy a fair race the way you do. Its win at all costs and they do exactly with no shame. When I message them about it, they never reply. I’ll say something like “seriously?” or “do you not have brakes?” “Is a dirty win really worth it?” Who wants to lose rank to people like that? Not me and PG should want a fairer system, the current one is vicious and elementary.

Well, since casual players who like to play rough don’t have to do the Qualify to Series 7 (Ranked Adventure) anymore with the update lowing the 100% reward to 80%.

They are all now having the highest reward and they returned to other games… No more need to grind ranked adventure, now

I went through the 10 events in team race adventure or whatever it’s called to get ranked. 1st time since launch I’ve played that series. All in all not as bad as I was expecting. About 50-50 being on the winning team vs getting blown out. But either way win or lose, I got credit for that series every time. I figured if you were on the losing team you it wouldn’t count towards your 10 events. I managed to get through playground games last season so getting ranked put me at 100% last week. Glad I don’t have to do the Playground Games again this week.

As far as rammers and wall riders, pick a solid car and tune and get into the front as early as possible. I find people that ram aren’t very good drivers in general and once in front of them they won’t catch up. And wall riding seems counter productive to me. If I was on the brakes early and tight to the inside of the turn that everyone else hit the wall going full steam to wall ride through the turn, I was faster through it every time. Maybe they slowed down the physics when colliding with walls? Didn’t experience how it used to be.

TL/DR ranked adventure isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be. Playground Games are every bit as terrible as people make them out to be.

Agree wall riding is not so effective for average players , it becomes when good players are doing it. There are videos demonstrating such, there is absolutely no way for a clean player to catch up on player same skill level doing wall ride.

Rammers do exactly what you suggest, most have cars with very low grip and max torque/top speed. Again, no pb when you are against lower skilled players playing automatic gearbox, but on same skill level, no way you car tuned for clean playing will manage front quick.

Concerning Ranked, the qualification can be tough but not half the way ramming/wall riding than when you are ranked. the difference comes with the number of ranked players, non ranked are usually not aware of the “ranked way” and when cs has very few non ranked, last race transforms in war zone.

FH4 promotes ramming & wall riding and PG/T10 totally negates ramming issue ( for them it is solved by FFA ).

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