Has PC performance gotten better?

Been holding off on getting this simply because of the awful port the game shipped in. Has it gotten any better since launch?

Since launch my PC ran the game at rock solid 75FPS. until the last but one patch, since then i get the FPS drops around surfers, down into the mid 60’s. Seem they’re getting worse. To accommodate people with sub-par machines they’re messing up the game for those with better specs that actually exceed required specs. It’s laughable.
The game is still completely playable for me, and always has been. But it depends on your specs. What are they?

What are your specs? I run 75 fps with an i5 4460, 16 GB Ram and a 980 Ti.

Skylake I5-6600K, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4, SSD for OS and another SSD for game install. All settings on ultra, on a 21:9 monitor at 2560x1080 at 75Hz.

Like I said it was running 75FPS solid, but now it drops around surfers Since the December patch.

I run the game with an Intel i7 6700k, 16gb ram and a Geforce GTX 1070.
I personally never had any problems with the game. I normally get on ultra settings between 70 and 100 fps but in Surfers Paradise they go down to 45 for some reason but that is not a big problem because its only for some seconds.

I run an FX8350, 20gb ram, dual HD7950’s and a 21:9 LG. My only gripe is the game doesn’t recognize crossfire. If it did i’m sure I could rock Ultra. But i’m stuck on medium settings if I want 60fps.

Yeah but the extra width in cocpkit mode is the higher workload on the GFX card. When i’m drifting, the wider view is indispensable. Plus it makes for some awesome screenshots.

It doesn’t support SLI or crossfire because of limitations in UWP. Microsoft keep saying it works, but if it does, why aren’t developers using it? Especially 1st party ones like this?

The best I can do with my 980Ti is High settings on a 1080p monitor, at 75 fps though.

I was running Ultra settings on a 21:9 monitor at 2560x1080 at 75FPS with my old 970!

What CPU you running?

Wow… you guys are running Horizon in 60+ fps and still complaining?! I’m on X1, running a standard 60 Hz LCD and the game is great apart from the occasional screen pause.

I’m sure a future patch might resolve things though you have to admit the game runs pretty solid given all that’s going on. Minor gripe though: I do not enjoy the texture detail pop in on some objects as they come into view.

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60+ FPS is only part of the story. If it stutters, or even worse micro-stutters it can be unplayable as you get a headache after 20 minutes.

The Problem is that the GAme only utalizes one CPU core, so if you have a fast single core performance its really good. Personally I got a 6800k @ 4.2 Ghz, 1070 SLI, 16Gb of ram and i cant run this game in max details with 70 fps in 1440p, i need to drop shadow and geometry settings so my CPU can catch up with one 1070, this is a little bit ridicoulus.

It uses all of my cores. I have my tablet on a mount running ARX to monitor load and temps. Yes one core is more oftenly loaded higher, but it doesn’t use just one core. While that means single core speed/performance is important, it also needs multi-core support or it would just crash.
Do not spread wrong information as it makes it harder for others to diagnose and fix their problems.
If you’re having issues running ultra with a 6800K and 1070 i’d suggest you have another issue with your PC. I’m running a 6600K, GTX1070, 16GB DDR4, and except surfers paradise (due to newer patch), I’m running at 75FPS solid on a 21:9 monitor.

Don’t be so presumptuous, either.

I have a i7, GTX 980ti and 32GB RAM… And the game can drop down to 45fps in certain situations (rain, city) and never maintains a constant 60fps in 1080p.

I can run every other, well-optimized game on the market in Ultra settings with a solid 60fps, but not FH3 because it’s a shameful, almost 1:1 port of the XB1 game.

I have an i5 4460 at stock freq. I don’t think FH3 would make me CPU limited because my CPU is only around 50% load when playing. And the quote below conforts me in that thought.

There is no gain from having an i7 instead of an i5 for gaming, since the (roughly) only difference between them is the virtualization. With my i5 4460 (!) and a 980 Ti I do not get less FPS.

I reckon this is really an optimization issue.

It’s better. Core engine is still broken with high CPU usage (core0), but you can play it (without stable 60 in cities/rain etc. if you don’t have fast i7 and 3000 DD4 ram)

Better since launch? Yes.
Good enough improvements made? NOWHERE NEAR.
My i5-6600k, GTX 1080 is running 5X-100FPS only at 1080p ultra(yes you read it right, less than 60fps in city region of map).

What’s worse patches never fix my game crashes, and none of the suggested solutions here worked out for me. In fact the latest Jan update has made it crashing more than ever

i7 is only beneficial for gaming if you want to game AND stream at the same time. Otherwise an i5 is perfectly fine.

I’m not sure how i was being presumptious, I suggested if he had issues running similar FPS to me with BETTER spec, that he should check there’s no other issues plaguing his PC. Mainly because he may get better performance, and that’s the main aim of threads such as this.