Has EXP gain been heavily nerfed?

I started playing Horizon 4 on 17th December 2019.

My main account is rank 123*4 and I have every car in the game, including all the PO cars and 2x Ford Focus PO

I was really bored after completing the game, so I created a new Xbox account and started a brand new Horizon 4 game on 17th December 2020.

After a couple of weeks solid play, I have reached rank 2*2 and am struggling with EXP gain, to the point where it’s taking forever to raise one level… So has EXP gain been heavily nerfed or something?

I drive manual transmission, all assists off, with unbeatable AI, so I get a 105% boost in all races, but it still feels so hard to climb levels :frowning:

Have you set perks on cars ?

Your level has no point so why worry.

The car you drive matters. The Alfa Romeo Giulia FE gives you a lot of points per road race if you use all the perks. 3 laps of Goliath shoots you up the rankings, and gives you loads of money.

There is also VIP status, but as Nietzsche said, why bother, in this game all you need is money.

I agree that it doesn’t make much difference once you get through the intro, I think it’s just wheelspins. However, 3 starring the pr stunts and completing the stories and businesses will increase your rank and completing the expansions if you have them. Drifting with a perked car will add to it quickly as well as grinding for skill points. Using the skill points also adds exp.