Has Anyone Won An Apollo IE In The Vinyl Comp Yet?

If you look in the Vinyl Comp you will see name, after name requesting the Apollo IE. I don’t know if anyone has won one yet. So has anyone won one yet?

is it available officially in game yet
then NO they wouldn’t have got it

Apparently there were a whole bunch available in the Auction House that players bought. I know this cause i was watching a live stream of a certain YouTuber and everyone in the stream had a Apollo IE so i took a screen shot and submitted a ticket.

There’s only two days left now anyway so it makes no difference.

It will make a difference if the people who bought it from the auction house also acquire a second one when they do the upcoming trial event, if that happens they should have one of their Apollo’s removed from their garage.


Why does that make a difference? Lots of people will have two of them in a couple of weeks.