Has anyone tried to install FH4 to a surface pro 3?

I don’t care for game play, I just want to know if it will install and run so I can use the auction house while the missus uses the Xbox to watch Netflix.

Win 10, Surface Pro 3 i5 8gb ram.

I tried Forza Street on a Surface Pro 6 and it does run it but at very low settings. I won’t even attempt Horizon on it.

ps, I founded the Club but I don’t remember ever inviting you.

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I don’t want to play it as such, just use it to do the remedial auction house and car collecting aspect while the missus is using the xbox for other things.
Only need to know if it will install as I have 9 days left to buy the digital version.

I wish there was a support place for this game where I could ask something like this and have it answered by support staff.

PS you probably will not see this reply for a day or so due to my membership.
South Australian Chapter :slight_smile:

The i5 in the Surface Pro 3 has an Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU.

From the results here: (Forza Horizon 4 Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks - NotebookCheck.net Reviews), it looks like it will technically run, but only at 5 fps on low. For basic AH/autoshow duties (listing auctions, collecting credits, etc) this should theoretically work, but will likely be pretty painful. Probably won’t work for any sort of auction sniping with how long it will take to load the auctions.