has anyone switched to a GTE F458 for their TX Thrustmaster?

Amazon goofed a few things up for me recently and if I get this wheel the “credits” they are providing I can get this hweel for 64 bucks delivered next day.

IS the wheel any good any thoughts? hates dislikes?

I have it, I like it. Its heavier, feels better to grip, the thickness of the rim makes it feel more “real”. The paddle shifters have a better click to them (lighter pull)…although I do somewhat prefer the shape and finishing of the stock rims paddle shifters. The GTE shifters are basically just flat metal, the edges are smoothed slightly but still kind of sharp. To me the more rounded stock shifters feel better.

But other than the shape and finishing of the paddle shifters, the GTE rim is the clear winner. I did increase Rumble from 60% to 75% in forza to account for the heavier GTE rim…its mass kind of hides the rumble effect a little bit.

I Like it…


Size of rim (not diameter)
Just more Quality


Smelly as hell, still after 3 weeks, wash your hands after use!
Buttons not marked, not a biggy though
Schifter pedals are Worse, worse Click and shape, my Even differ in Sound between up and down…
Extra price of 90€

I can Recommend it, but beware the smell and the shifter pedals as cons!


Sorry for the delay gents- I appreciate your feedback truly. I went ahead and order it and asked for next day Saturday delivery unfortunately it didn’t get here so it will come tomorrow.

Why the smelly hands? ROFLMAO

Thanks guys

Where are your racing gloves?

I have the GTE rim and don’t have any problems with smelly hands.

It’s a great rim. For me, it’s completly replaced the stock rim. I’ll switch out and do the F1 rim on the X class cars - but otherwise I’m always using the GTE rim for everything else.

I just ordered my thrust master wheel and the f1 wheel too. What’s the f1 wheel like? How does it compare to the stock wheel?

Wouldn’t buy anything but Fanatec !! Xbox one wheel in the MAKING!