Has anyone seen any rain?

For a season that’s supposed to be wet I’m really struggling to find any rain. I have found wet tarmac a couple of times with blue skies and chased rainy looking clouds across the map without finding anything. Been playing pretty much all day every day.

Anyone had any better luck? Trying to get the photo achievement and wanted to check if it was a bug or just my bad luck.


I have only seen rain in Story and the seasonal race. In the race it went from heavy rain with winds to sunshine in a matter of seconds, almost like someone was flicking a switch.

Have only noticed rain in the events. Not yet noticed rain in free roam.

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Wait until the rainy season.

But if Summer is the Wet season…
How much rain does the rain one have?

Not so much in free roam, but I created some blueprint with heavy rain on some routes and it was great, especially the jungle course, midnight, heavy rain.

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I’ve seen it twice in Free Roam near the hotel on the west coast. I go there often to bank Skill Points.

Yup, I’ve seen a bunch of rain and fog in freeroam. It even rained in the desert for me, something that never happened in the hot season.

It rains less then I’d like in the open world, but it’s definitely happening.

Horizon 5 Seasons…

I just had rain. Don’t forget, Mexico has different weather in each part of the map.

I have a couple times, but so far note nearly as often as in FH4. Took this photo in it yesterday: https://gallery.services.forzamotorsport.net/fh5/photo/eaaed0e3-3419-49cb-b606-c7d7228ebf0a

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I’m glad I don’t get rain at the moment because even that is bugged :smiley: If you dare start like a rivals race from the menu, while it’s raining in freeroam, the rain effect on the screen will get stuck and won’t go away until you restart the game. Super annoying in rivals when doing times!

Has anyone experienced having rain in a race then part way through it abruptly stops? I’m seeing this in the seasonal races.

The rain stops falling and the sky box goes instantly from grey and cloudy to scattered cloud. At the same time the lighting massively increases. They’re is no gradual change between rain and drying, just this cliff edge.

Haven’t seen it in any “normal” races (but then again I’ve barely done any, so far been focused on PR stunts, showcases and playlists), but definitely did experience it in the seasonal championship.


Yeah I posted about that a few days ago. It goes dark, light, dark, light like a light switch.


Next season Autumn is listed as Storm season so expect alot of rain then

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Laat week I raised a ticket with forza support regarding this as I’m also see very less or no rain. Even if it is raining, the water droplets are too faint to be noticeable and are not anywhere close to the level of immersion they have in FH4. Same with the snowfall as well. I was almost mid-way through campaign races and felt something is wrong, then i realised it’s the raindrops and snowflakes. I’m pretty sure everyone is experiencing this. Hence I raised the issue and got a reply that they’re looking into it.

Same. Posted my experience just now but forgot to quote this. :handshake: