Has anyone recieved the Halo driver gear?

Has anyone recieved the Halo driver gear you’re supposed to get for playing Halo games?

Yes. I got an Xbox live message from Xbox giving me a halo driver gear code.

When? I still haven’t.

Last night.

I don’t think I got a code it just came in the messages gift tab within the Forza 7 game. But yes I got the two Halo driver gear rewards. Master Chief looks out of place in a '55 Mercedes Benz.

I didn’t get a code but just got the in-game message to download. Got them both though.

Played halo fora bit to get them but not received any codes yet same with gears off war better get them as it the only reason I played them games are not really my cup a tea

I got a ingame Message asweell With two halo drivergear suits. cant even remember that i have played halo…

I believe those 2 suits were for participating in the December Bounty Event. There are other Halo gear to be had I am guessing via code for playing Halo. I have seen gear other than Master Chief or Vale in lobbies.

I got the Master Chief and Olympia suit. I just haven’t recieved the other.

You can try to contact Xbox if they send it out in private messages. Doesnt sound like T10 have anything to do With the sending out part of it.

There are three different driver gears. The Master Chief and Olympia Vale gears are from doing the Rivals events. The gear he is referring to is the Halo branded driver gear, which codes were supposed to go out for in January. Same as the Gears of War branded gear.


They, the green branded version for playing HALO, are out in the UK as I have just (12the Jan.) purchased the 25 digit code from a gent in Settle, Cumbria this afternoon. Entered code and the suit downloaded to the hard drive on my Scorpio.
Sent it 65 Laps around Daytona Speedway and looks good on the podium at the end. Now have all 3 HALO suits in my collection. This is the nicest of the three in my opinion.
Hope all out there get theirs eventually.

Received the code about 12 hours ago in my xbox live messages
If it’s anything like the warthog codes for fh3 they will be sent in waves so not everyone will get them all at the same time
Be patient and it will come
If you have played the required games

Odd, I’ve not got the message from Xbox. I got the two ingame messages for the rivals suits.

I played Halo 5 briefly earlier in 2017 and got a few achievements in it before trading it in, hopefully did enough to get it.

I got all 3 and I dont remember when I last played Halo5 or the MCC, it wasnt last November or December that’s for sure.

I got mine as a code sent through Xbox message. I thought it was only Halo 5 or Halo Wars 2 both of which I have not played, forgot about MCC which I have. So it was a nice little surprise receiving the suit. Cheers T10.

I got the 3rd Halo Gear code via an Xbox message a couple nights ago.

Yep I got 2 through the in game messages and a 3rd one came through as a code to my xbox live messages.

Am also waiting on the gears of war code it was sopose to be in a code drop this month also not got any off the two codes yet