has anyone recieve the Ford Fiesta FE yet?

Hi, i was just wondering sice the new update just came out, has anyone recieved the Ford Fiesta FE yet, because i havent recieve mine and i definitely participated in the rival event where they said they were going to give this car.

Thanks to anyone who replys, have a nice day :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been sent yet but I prompted the team to check on it this morning.


Ok then, thanks for the heads up

Xr2 has been delivered now.

I haven’t received mine yet, so I wonder if they haven’t sent to everyone, or missed some.

did you complete the event they were awarded for
the June Spotlight event involving the Fiesta

Yes, I did the Rivals event and did more than one lap. Actually I’m pretty sure I posted a clean lap, as I always do on the Rivals that provide rewards.

Take your shiny new Zakspeed Roush Mustang and put it to the test in our Ford Spotlight monthly Rivals event. At the end of the month, everyone who sets a time in the event will win a new exclusive car – the 1981 Ford Fiesta XR2 Forza Edition!

It doesn’t need to be a clean lap to get the reward in rivals events as it’s generally a participation award. I always wonder where this “must be a clean lap” thing comes from on these forums. There’s always at least one person that brings it up in these type of threads.

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Not clean nor the fastest. Just register a time, period

I got it yesterday

Got mine last night right after completing my update.

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I got mine, but was never notified I got it, nor did it show up as new, or give any notice that I’d recieved it. . It was ‘just there’ in that silly camp effect . . I’ll be unlocking that file, that’s for sure.

Hi all i completed several clean laps in the rivals event but i still haven’t received car, can someone just clarify what the rival event was.

I got one. I dont remember which event I completed. I go in and register a time on all monthly events EVEN if its slow clean lap.

Hi all i completed several clean laps in the rivals event June Spotlight Rivals event but i haven’t received mine yet :confused:

Is a claim possible?

See the Tech Support forum, and/or send your details to forzafb@microsoft.com so they can investigate.

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I got mine in message centre but my message centres been playing up this last few days on and off with messages coming and then disapearing was sent to me on the 10th

And that’s because of the July update,nothing playing up!!!

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To get my Fiesta and the 500,000 forza reward credits that a lot of people seem to have missed out on, I had to download the update and start forza. After the update I did not have any messages, I went back to the xbox home screen and then you have to “quit” forza and restart Forza and my message center updated with the Fiesta, the credits and the two hellcats.

Not guaranteeing it will work but worth a try before contacting tech support.


I will have to go back and check but I am sure I posted a time in that event but I haven’t received the Fiesta either.

This is the rivals event with the Roush Mustang at Elkhart Lake, right?