Has anyone bought from Next Level Racing / Pagnian Imports in the UK?

I ordered the wheel stand from them on Monday morning. Their web site states all orders are shipped in 24 hours and all emails responded to within that. So far they’ve taken the money, not shipped anything and not responded to any emails and it’s now Thursday.

Has anyone successfully bought anything from them? Shame since the product gets ace reviews and looks the part.

have you checked your junk mail
i use them in Australia and they are usually very prompt with their responses in emails…have you tried messaging them on Facebook

Yes, and via Twitter. Still waiting for a response. :-\

Dunno what the answer is there. They’re usually pretty good at getting back to you.

I’ve ordered my wheelstand about 2 weeks ago. I was hoping 24h shipping, tho I ended up sending an email after 2 days. Not long after that I got an email saying they shipped the stand. They also replied to my email, telling me the stand was just sent out to me, response was pretty fast (same day).