Harrassment through everyones Headset?

While Playing Multiplayer in Motorsport 5, there is someone who’s computer savvy that is causing chaos in the Multiplayer rooms. How? They’re using some kind of electronic device which broadcasts rapid reverb sounds which permeate everyone’s mic … so much so that blocking them (totally), does not work. It continues to come through everyone’s mic/headset … if this effects one, it get’s through to everyone. They’re so slick they constantly change their gamertag … making it impossible to report them. This person, or person’s, must have 3 box’s going at the same time, as control over three names is apparent. I ask that someone who represents Turn Ten to go into the multiplayer rooms occasionally and just listen. And it doesn’t end there. Racing is impossible too. I’ve had these guys drive me literally into a wall and continue to drive their car’s (that’s plural), into mine (this is obvious and deliberate harassment). When they’re not on (which is rare) everything is quiet. The electronic harassment is gone as well as is the track harassment. The problem now is they’re on all the time … and in one room, and then another. This must stop. PLEASE…take care of this. This is a situation where you will be dealing with a tech savvy individual.
Thanks for your Attention! :slight_smile:
P.S. There’s more that confirms all of this, but it’s too much to type in here. This requires conversation with someone … BD

The aliens are trying to speak to u thru radio waves

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Start a party for yourself, turn it to invite only, and race in permanent beautiful silence. Aside from car noise, of course.

That’s what I do.

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This is what I do, that way I don’t waste battery leaving the headset plugged in with volume down.

Another option: plug in your mic, set volume to zero, put mic in lap or on a side table. While this won’t address their on-track behaviour, you’ll at least be able to hear yourself think.

I don’t think this is somebody using radio waves to interrupt people talking in lobbies, what is the point when about 80% of folk go into party chat anyway, I think this is just really poor in game problem that needs sorting. Think about it logically, what’s more likely that somebody who is “tech savvy” managing to run in multiple lobbies, in fact every lobby I join in any class and running this annoying radio wave device or T10 just hasn’t updated there lobby chat?

In the lobby look for a green mic symbol when you hear the noise. Mute that player in game. It is quick and easy. I have stopped my part time hobby of listening in to peoples private conversations when they are not aware kinect chat is on and just mute them instead.

Having problems? forzafb@microsoft.com is your answer. I know I’m not a moderator, but it is what it is.

The voice chat/communications are not a Turn 10 realm - the are game producers - and are the province of Xbox LIVE and the Policy Enforcement Team. They are the ones who have the power and access to witness those types of behavior, and do something about it.

The correct procedure with the accurate gamertag, is to go to the Xbox One Dashboard, go to Friends, in the left column use either “Recent Players” or “Find someone” and put the tag in there.

This sends a report directly to the Xbox LIVE PET which will investigate, maybe even visit and observe the offender during gaming sessions, and then ban that person from not just a single game but Xbox LIVE itself.

Using the correct tools can solve many problems.

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Does this sound like distorted voices being slowed down? If so, it’s a problem with the chat in the game. All you have to do is completly restart the game. As for the drivers wrecking you. That happens in every lobby due to t10 not allowing us to make custom public lobbies.

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I just plug in the headset, hit mute and put the headset on the ground. Yes, it does tend to hamper the social aspect of the game a bit. But, I do it mainly for two reasons:

  1. In case my son is in the room making noise. It is a courtesy for other players. It keeps Kinect from broadcasting it out.
  2. Let’s just say I have a tendency to unleash loud, sometimes profane expressions when something goes wrong. Again, the mute is a courtesy for the other players.

If I see somebody I recognize, I’ll try to put on the headset and say a quick “hello”. Although, there is a good chance it sounds like the robot voice. Between the robot voices and the people who leave their microphone keyed and have their lousy rap music in the background, I really don’t miss a whole lot with my headset on the ground.

Besides, that headset that comes with XB1 is pretty darned uncomfortable to wear.


You can turn kinect chat off in settings to prevent kinect picking up anything. That setting does not impact on voice commands.

You realize you can turn off the connect chat in options right?

It’s pretty simple.

---- The Audio Explanation

  • Person A is using his kinect for game chat, he isn’t wearing headphones, and he has his TV turned up too loudly (also probably hasn’t calibrated his kinect).

When game chat is pumped out of his much-too-loud TV, it bleeds back into his kinect.

  • Person B has a similar setup to Person A. Maybe his TV isn’t as loud. Maybe his kinect is in a better spot. Whatever. But it’s a similar arrangement.

When game chat is pumped out of Person B’s TV, it isn’t just game chat. It’s game chat PLUS the sounds “recycled” by Person A’s setup.

  • Person C has a similar setup to Persons A and B… and you get the idea.

Eventually you have game chat and game noise being broadcast and rebroadcast through chains of kinects.

---- The Clever Gamertag Switcher Explanation

I play in the lobbies for several hours a day (C class). You will inevitably run into wreckers. Many of them aren’t just there to ruin the driving experience, but the entire game. They’ll intentionally pump high-pitched noises, grinding noises, Chewbacca noises, etc., at high volume until you mute them or they get kicked (though kicking is a miracle that requires the rest of the lobby stop being apathetic).

These aren’t clever people who are switching gamertags and making audio assaults.

Some of them are genuine players who don’t realize how kinect can ruin the experience for chat. Some of them are wreckers. Some of them are wreckers who take advantage of the way kinect works.

That’s all.

I absolutely hate this forced chat feature and am so tired of muting everyone all the time. It sucks that we have to mute everyone one by one… Turn 10 can you please add an option to mute everyone by default or as a toggle option within the room to mute or un-mute all!!!

Putting yourself in a party does that. When it works game chat should be the default.

Maybe they can have an option so that people can choose but muted should not be the default.

I have seen several viable explanations of this phenomenon listed in this thread. While you are searching for the source of the noise, you may want to wear a tinfoil hat, just to be safe.