Hardest attainable really rare cars through the AH?

I want to get a list of the hardest cars to land on wheelspins and through the auction house.

I’ve been trying for weeks now to try and get several cars that I have read that are rare but I want a consensus list of the rarest.

Ford Crown Victoria
Both Hot Wheels cars (have twin)
Audi TT RS (have)
VW Golf 2010 (have)
Lamborghini Aventador 2016 (have)
Austin Taxi (have)

That’s all I can think of right now. Please help add to the list I’m a sucker for rare items especially in Forza.


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That website has nothing to do with what I am asking. All or most of those cars are easily earned.

Really? Most of those are when looking auction house “no auction to display” almost every wheelspin is as hard to get than taxi or crown victoria, you say hot wheels are rare ones but other forzathon shop car are easy to get, just like ferrari 812 right now there is zero 812 on sale. Or those reward cars when do something, like bmw m3 there is zero on sale right now. Pretty mutch only forza edition cars are really easy to get. One thing what that page is missing is po cars.

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It’s got some use and good info but I’ve got a lot of the cars on that list already.

That you have most of them dont mean that those are more common like those you mention in op. And pretty mutch only really rare cars are those pre-order cars (and capri fe) and those are really hard to get, i have spent lots of time to try find PO 911 with no luck.

All the preorder cars except the 720s which most people got

1993 Ford SVT cobra mustang foxbody.


Other cars that I know of are the:

Lancia Delta Integrale (non S4)
2017 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Also for consideration are the pre-order edition cars which are more upgradable than their counterparts:
2018 McLaren 720s PO
2018 Porsche 991.2 911 GT3RS PO

Caynne is '18 and also there is aston db11 PO

I’m going to drop the Ford Capri FE edition. Its the only rare car I don’t have (other than preorder stuff I don’t care about). I’m not even sure if you can get the Capri Fe at all??

Nope. Only a few or maybe only the one YouTuber got it.

I’ve got a lot of them but still looking for quite a few.

69 Mustang. I only seen it once for 20mil

69 Mustang is a reward for getting three stars on the drift Horizon story. Unless you can’t drift, then it’s not hard to get.

Jesus m8 xD its a reward car - just complete Drift Scene on 3 stars each event and you ll win it :slight_smile:

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Try getting a 2004 subaru wrx sti

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Yep, that and the Capri FE are the only 2 I don’t have

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I am still missing these two, and of course the Capri FE

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
2010 Volkswagen Golf R

Can anyone confirm that they are even in wheel-spins at this point in time? And if so which you saw them in Regular or Super?


The '04 is definitely in the regular wheelspins. Doesn’t come up often but I was one spot away from one this weekend. It does pop up in the auction house fairly often. I think I’ve won 3 from there. And at normal non-legendary price.