Harder Challenges plz

I noticed that The Trial got nerfed again by AI-PI not scaling with Player-PI. The Trial was the only thing looking forward to cuz it could be hard. Now it has become a cakewalk and there is literally nothing challenging in the playlists anymore. Please give us the option for harder Events, like for Seasonal Championships let us pick any difficulty above highly skilled and make them more worthwhile, maybe similar to FH4 or just grant much more XP/Creds for very high difficulty. If you wanna keep stuff easy for casual folks, fine, but give us at least the option to make things more challenging by chosing difficulty or tiering of completion/rewards upwards.

They need to design challenges for all skill levels opposed to just highly skilled or highly unskilled.

I would rather they let the trial be easier just to make allowances for rubbish team mates so I wont be voting, and they also they seemed to have ramped up the difficulty level for PR stunts too, no doubt because of some players coming on here to whinge about them being too easy.

They seriously need to look at the points value for doing online events for 2 points its not worth the time spent in lobbies or whatever waiting for things to start, make them worth 5 points at least.