Hardcore console sims: AC or PCARS2?

Just looking for some opinions on what you guys prefer on your console when it comes to pure console sims.

I’m on a controller myself and love AC to death - PCARS2 just feels off in some weird way but still a very good sim, although don’t like how front tires look completely straight in replays even though you’re running negative camber of -3 or more!

What about clutch in PC2? Still broken? I like both but play Horizon 4 only :smiley: Forza controls are the same for every Forza and that’s great. What’s your settings? I think I didn’t find the best for me and Forza has it prepared (no choice).

I don’t use the clutch, just use the auto-clutch feature and lift my finger off the throttle for good measure, haha!

Forza’s controls are fantastic for sure. I’ll PM my pad settings to you or just post em’ here the next time I fire up PCARS2.

Hey BTW, I know this isn’t the thread but what’s with the negative camber on front tires not showing up in replays? The rear tires show the rear -2.5 setting, for instance, but on the front, even a -5 setting does not show while viewing replays. Don’t know why, but stuff like that gets to me when they don’t do proper quality testing!

I think AC should be on sale soon enough - get the UE - the simulation will absolutely blow your mind. This is the best thing I’ve experienced on a console when it comes to physics. Cars sound pretty good too, though there’s some really poor samples in there as well. Graphics, well they’re nice and clean and you don’t need fancy, FH4 level graphics anyway, as I’m sure they’ve used most of the console’s HP for physics.

Back in 2017 I bought a Thrustmaster TMX Pro racing wheel with the intention to play Forza Motorsport 7 with a racing wheel. But I stated playing Project CARS instead of buying Forza Motorsport 7, since it was free on Xbox Live through Games with Gold. Spent 90+ hours playing Project CARS and I really liked it, especially due to the handling with a racing wheel and good camera options. The singleplayer campaign is somewhat tedious. You play through yearly seasons and each year you unlock new racing classes/divisions. I started playing FM7 in July this year and regarding the singleplayer offering I enjoy FM7 more than Project CARS, but Project CARS has a better racing wheel implementation and feels better to handle. People mentioned that Project CARS was broken, but by the time I started playing in 2017 it seemed fixed and I personally didn’t encounter any issues.

Unfortunately I haven’t played Assetto Corsa (I would love to play a demo), but I bought Project CARS 2 and once I’m done playing FM7,I will switch to that.

Neither AC or PC2 have much of an online community on XBox, though PC2’s is better. AC’s is non-existent. I think that AC is probably a better sim. PC2 tries to do too much. And there are some cars that just feel kind of broken in PC2. Both will let you tune your heart out.

PC2 is definitely the best simulation of a race weekend out there.

I’m not familiar with any clutch issue. I can say that if you don’t heel-toe on downshifts with powerful RWD cars you will lose the back end unless you tune the diff appropriately.

You press clutch, change gear up, release clutch and then there is half second lag. I found it on forums but PG2 forums are full of opposite facts :smiley: I don’t know now. I like Forza clutch.

Something that I kind of want to mention is that in my opinion Project CARS is “better” to play in certain aspects compared to Forza Motorsport 7:

  • In the campaign of Project CARS you usually need to do a qualifying lap which helps you get a better starting position in the racing grid. This helps one avoid massive pile-ups in the first corner like it’s usually the case in FM7.
  • The AI seems to be somewhat more aware of the player and doesn’t ram you off the track like in FM7.
  • It’s easier to learn the race track layout and break points in Project CARS. I guess this is due to a lower graphical fidelity, less spectacular effects and easier to spot corner markers and boards in Project CARS.
  • The camera in Project CARS seems less shaky and allows additional changes to driver height and field of view in the cockpit view.

Way to go derailing the thread man! LOL…

  1. Yeah - don’t know why forza doesn’t have qualifying laps… so weird
  2. Definitely - they actively try to avoid you unlike forza where the drivatars ram you out of the way
  3. Well, its easier because forza uses a zoomed out wide POV for some reason, which makes everything smaller than it actually is IRL - hence more difficult to judge distances (think warp speed in star trek)
  4. Right, love the cam modifications in pcars2, every racing game needs to have this…

Now… what’s this got to do with “Console sims: AC or PCARS2?”


Sorry about that :smiley:

I guess I wanted to compare Forza 7 to Project CARS because the first game is what brings many of us to this forum so we are well aware of the game’s features and it’s always nice to point out what the competition does better.

To be honest I would also like to give a try to Gran Turismo Sport. It’s not quite as “hardcore” as Project CARS and Assetto Corsa, but it has pretty good features and looks nice. I’ve been watching Super GT’s videos in the past few months and it seems like GT Sport does a good job in helping you improve as a race driver and there are many players playing the game online.

Once I’m done with FM7’s singlepalyer mode I will switch to Project CARS 2 and see how it improved from the first game.

Well, GTS is nice I’m sure - but I wanted to keep the discussion limited to just AC and PCARS2 for now.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to choose because man… pCARS2 got so much more content and the replay value is insane. Plus it looks and feels polished on xboxone-x.

If i’d had to choose between Project CARS 2 and Assetto Crosa, I would still choose PCARS2 even though I haven’t played Assetto Corsa yet. From what I saw and read, PCARS2 has way more content (cars and tracks), a better presentation (graphics and effects) and a better single player campaign, things which are quite important to me. Assetto Corsa might have better car simulation physics and a better racing wheel force feedback implementation, but I’m fully satisfied with the implementation in Project CARS.

I would prefer Asetto. I play AC Ultimate on the PS4, and it is amazing. One of my favorite cars is the Ferrari F2004, a V10 Ferrari F1 Car. The best track IMO is Highlands Long in Scotland. I used that track to get the F2004 to its top speed of 194 MPH on the longest straight. PC2 is a good game, with varied tracks and varied cars, and PC2 is the first place I have driven an RTR F150, and it is a good car. Ultimately, I would prefer Asetto for realism and events and PC2 for track weekend events. Hope this helps!

Well, yes - there’s only so much you can do with great physics. It just lacks content and some of the car sounds are so wildy inconsistent and poorly done as opposed to the other standout samples, that it almost angers me in a way. It’s like baking the perfect cake and then poking a few holes around the edges with your finger.

PCARS2 in contrast looks very well rounded and polished. I can honestly play it, and hotlap for hours and hours and never ever get bored. Kind of annoying the front negative camber not physically showing on the tires but what the hey - can’t have it all I suppose

Gran Turismo Sport is a game that is sorely lacking in content. Physics worthy of a Gran Turismo, graphically it’s not terrible. Positive point, the multiplayer is very good.

Interesting that you didn’t give the sounds any credit whatsoever because they have really, really upped their game in that department.

I can 100% relate to this Bart - when I’m playing PCARS2, the session just goes into eternity and I do not even feel like touching AC or Forza 7. Both the PCARS games are downright brilliant, in fact, and at least the console version of AC can’t hold a candle to it.

With that said, some of the car sounds in AC are just so ridiculously good, albeit a somewhat low sample rate, still brilliant and very accurate to the real thing. Both P1s, FXX-K, 812 SF and many others. But it’s the physics that IMO, are best-in-class. Would like to see PCARS replicate this detail and of course do away with the silly camber bug on front wheels. It’s minor I know, but ruins immersion in replays.

I have both. AC is really good. PC2 is outstanding. Graphics, cars, tracks, career - all is good. Weather is one of the best in business. PC2 with a good telemetry app and CrewChief… you won’t play anything else. I rarely play anything other than PC2.

What about clutch in PC2? Who uses clutch on a controller here?

LOL, certainly not me!

I just lift off the throttle for immersion’s sake!

Also, I manually blip the throttle sometimes on downshifts because well, sounds cool.

It’s a strange situation when with a clutch your shifting is much slower. Maybe I do something bad.

I like the Horizon 4 damage if you don’t use clutch correctly or downshift badly. It’s pretty cool.

To be honest, clutch is a useless feature on a gamepad. Might as well just lift your finger off the throttle for immersion’s sake. Why anyone would want to use a clutch on a pad is beyond me - it’s something that’s particularly effective and realistic on pedals.

Yes, I know people use clutch on a pad to be faster in MP, but that’s just stupid. It makes the cars sound silly, damages the tranny and IRL, you would never be able to shift like that on the older cars with high torque clutch plates, unless you want to replace the entire transmission in a few months.

My friend used to try to shift really quick in his 7th gen Civic and only after the first few years of buying it brand new, the clutch and pressure plate got worn out. Even after a clutch overhaul he still has that faint grinding sound coming from the trans when the car is running but goes away when he presses/engages the clutch. Oh well.

Do pardon the off-topic, me lads.