hard to play online

I played several times online, but how to play when I get the impression that people agree that one at the beginning of deliberately pushing others to another can go.
People who deliberately make collisions are somehow eliminated from playing online

Honestly get used to it or dont go online… been this way since the beginning of online racing. There is no way to govern it. Unless you want to pay a grand for each title so they can pay people to govern each and every race… how do you tell the difference between a new player learning,a controller working incorrectly and a person deliberately slamming you?they all appear the same… its impossible.

If you want a better on line experience you need to go to subscription racing like iracing where they have the income to put rules in place and govern them.

Thats just not true, by this logic there would be no way to tell if someone “deliberately” leaves a Moba or his/her connection was just “bad”. How other games try to solve this is by having a quick rating screen at the end of a match/race. This way you can accumulate data and better handle those players. If a driver has 500+ negative ratings for ramming or [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] then there might be something wrong with this person and you can give other players option to filter those out. This could work similar to how xboxlive ratings work, just more specific tailored to racing. Heck if you want go super soft, just allow upvoting “nice” players similar to overwatch after a race.


T10 could do a lot more and stop some of the easy stuff. Ghosting lap traffic would in a 3 lap races would be simple. But you will never get rid of lot it.