Happy Birthday FH4

I can’t believe it has already been a year, and what a year it has been. We have seen an abundance of awesome cars, many updates, and some fun additions. Yes there were bumps along the way, but I personally think the game has improved immensely. I have seen many gripes on the forums about problems, but I have been playing games long enough to know that this is normal and was not surprised that there were kinks to iron out. However, I must posit that a huge opportunity was missed here on the birthday celebration. For those of us who pre ordered or played from day one, who have been dedicated to the franchise all the way through, it would have been nice to the those PO cars (video stream reward) come to us as a birthday surprise. Many people were unable to watch the stream live, even if they knew about it. I have heard and seen endless complaints about the game and how “broken” it is. What a great way to show support for your fans than to hook these players up who have been here for the long haul. I know you guys made the game and continue to pour a lot of work into it, but we as a community have spent a great many hours in this world you have created. I am not disparaging the game I still love it as much as the day it started. I just think that it would have been awesome to see a cool gift pop up.
Thanks again for the fun game and Happy Birthday :tada:


Yeah, PO cars would be a nice gift. Could be all because it doesn’t make any sense to lock them for 20 years.

I just think that it was an odd choice to reward special cars to whoever. There are a lot of us who pre ordered and bought the ultimate edition with the impression we would have access to all cars being released into the game. I understand they are pre order specific but if they are re released without a PO from a specific retailer wouldn’t that fall into adding cars into the game, hence rendering our edition pointless? I wouldn’t be so confused by this decision if we could at least have the option to purchase them in some way.
But then again we haven’t hit the actual BirthDAY yet so fingers crossed🤞 for some love from PG!!!

I thought „Pre Order” means pre order bonus not „watch mixer stream” bonus :joy:

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Logged on as what did I see!? Some love from the devs!!! Thank you all for the gifts for all of us!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY :birthday: