Hands are sore!

Just started doing the edurance races of the showcases, ran Catalunya and Bathurst back to back, started on Sebring right after, however my hands need a break and eyes need to shut xD so… pitted on lap 50 and hoping my xbox doesnt shut off over night xD.

You know its time to turn in when you find yourself driving straight into the grass on a straight.

On one note, I’ve learned that even the Unbeatable AI is exploitive when it comes to pitting. All you have to do is drive well, be patient, and only pit when you know your gas is going to hit 0 before you cross the line.

Anyhow my fellow Forza rollers, I will communicate with you all tommorow after I finish this ridiculously long race, 82 laps is a bit much for Sebring.

Wait 'till you do the Daytona 300 in the prototypes… 86 laps of night racing, but be especially careful to not take your lights out on other cars or tap the wall.

You’ll need them to see the cicaine on the back loop. It’s pitch black around that section, and seeing the entry point in the dark at 180+mph is tricky, lap after lap.

You’ll need around 5 pit stops, the last one with say 6-9 laps left, so that you have enough to finish. You get approx 15-16 lap per tank, depending on how quick you’re going, and any hold ups in traffic etc. so you could end up with about 17-18 laps to go after the 4th Pitstop, requiring an additional mini Pitstop to just top up fuel etc.

Bathurst can be a tricky one unless you know your way through the top section and down the Dipper … Try it with the Benz, you’ll enjoy it.

Road Atlanta in the Audi is great, but do try the other cars as well, it’ll help build DL and INfinity levels on each model of car.

The worst is Le Mans at night, don’t loose your lights at the start in traffic as well, or you’ll neve see where you’re going…

The track is so lit up you don’t even need the lights :stuck_out_tongue:

On the back section, part of the main nascar oval, they have the lights OFF as you approach the hidden chiicaine, and flying at it in the ‘Pug’, at 180+mph, it’s extremely difficult to see the approach and initial entry point for that section.

The brake point is the Daytona logo on the outside wall, brake at the first one, not the second one, as by then you’re too late for the entry. Plus use “braking only” race line, as it shows up very faintly to let you know of the impending chiicaine…

Unless you’ve raced that “particular” race, you can’t comment.

Yes, it’s one of the most well lit night circuit in the U.S., but they “do” turn that section off, to enhance the difficulty for the 300 Enduro I would imagine.

So if you do lose your lights, which is very easy in the ‘Pug’ btw, you will have great difficulty in seeing the chiicaine, let alone the approach.

The chiicaine in question is at the end of the first stretch of ‘Oval’ track, check the Daytona circuits to see where I mean.

After 84-86 laps, you get to know that track very well…

I’ve completed the endurance with the 908 with line/assists off etc… for maximum payouts, I stand by my comment of it still being lit enough to see fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Fare enough mate… Prolly younger eyes than me (63)… Lol

But you do know the section I’m talking about, yes…?

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I did the bathurst with the Holden