Hall of fame leaderboard

I’m trying to figure out how the top people get their scores on the hall of fame leaderboard.

The top person is 1,152,300. I’m on 998,800 in position 154. Obviously I’m pretty happy with that. I have all accolade points that can be possibly attained except for some painting and tuning accolades. Ones like the S2 Tour accolade no one has. Anyway when I total up the points that I could achieve by getting all of the painting and tuning accolades I’m well short. Here’s the numbers:

Position 1: 1,152,300
Position 154 (me): 998,500
Difference: 153,500

Points yet to be achieved by me for painting and tuning: 26,500

(this includes the 2x1500 in the hall of fame accolade list for completing all tuning and painting accolades.

I’m 127.000 points short even if I get all of the painting and tuning accolade points.

So the question is, where did the first position and those behind get their extra points from? I’m aware that they did do a clean out early on as there were some people with even higher points that were obviously impossible to achieve.

Remember when people would moan about progress being reset?
Most often it was the weekly playlist resetting but in some cases, accolades would reset, showing as not yet earned despite having done it and earned the points already.

Well I believe it’s people taking advantage of these certain accolades, accruing the points time and time again until PG fixes the bug. I may be wrong but I saw this happen with some of my accolades early on. I still have some that keep resetting. I could choose to farm them, but I don’t see the point. I occasionally try to complete them but they never stick.

Also there were some bugged accolades that were just removed instead of being fixed.
If they did those but you didn’t, there’s some points you can never earn.

As far as I know I did all of the bugged accolades.

Update. I’ve been able to get a couple of thousand more accolade points by redoing a couple of the supposedly repeatable accolades. Doing them a 3rd time yielded no more points.

Honestly, the leaderboard should be recalculated.

I know that i will lose some points, but i still want it.

I understand that it might take some time, its 17,977,790 people on the boord!
But i still think it should be done. Just for the sake of fairness.

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