Halfway through 2.4 hour endurance race ...

Almost 1 hour 20 mins into the endurance race, with a VERY healthy lead and all of a sudden my screen goes black and I am booted into the xbox home screen!
Talk about GUTTED, was wracking up a lot of “lead dog” miles!
Anyone else had thus happen to them? I assume no way of getting back into the race I had been in?

Not during this race but in a couple of other races.

I had it happen during the long Beach and Indy hopper, also some in regular lobbies.

Wouldn’t have been so bad but it’s late here now (UK) so no way I could hop straight back in and try again - felt like a huge waste! Will try again tomorrow I guess!

Just happened to me 15 minutes into the race. When I started Forza 5 up again, my drivatar award was available. This is the second time when my drivatar award showed up that I was kicked out to the Xbox home screen.

Haven’t had that but this game is so buggy. Just finished the race at 253 miles and challenge didn’t unlock. I’m livid. As if we don’t waste enough sleep getting on these infuriating endurance hoppers at the small hours of the morning!! This will be the first challenge I’ve not met.

Some people were complaining about this in the Le Mans 2.4 race and it happened to my buddy, he stopped at 251-253 and I said I’m going to finish the lap. I got it he didn’t.

Sadly if you had just finished the lap you were on you would have gotten it.

Happened to me 42 minutes into the race, and happened twice with Le Mans. Once with long beach.

So quite literally I just waited for over 30 minutes to start my second attempt at the endurance race for the ring. Room full of clean racers and I didn’t even get to finish one lap without being disconnected from the server. Argh

I must be incredibly lucky… or just don’t play online enough to see these problems. I got both of the “2.4” Challenges without any network issues.

Usually it seems occasional, but with the endurance and all the waiting just to get started it just amplifies it. Not like a regular hopper you pop right back in and wait a lap or two

And again with only 1 hour and 15 to go. Bummer. ThAt was my third attempt

Happened to me with 10 minutes to go in 2.4 le mans. I was raging lol.

Whew finally. On try number 4 I finally did not get disconnected from the server.

I was an hour and a half in when I got the girlfriend needs help disconnection error. I wish Turn 10 could fix that one!
Not going back to this one. P class and the ring together are just too much torture for me.

I have done the previous endurance races, and have always dreaded the Back-To-Home-Screen-Crash but I have been lucky enough not to get it.
Unlucky you.
I cannot begin to imagine the kind of word I would have dished to my TV and box if it had happened.

Help i was disconnected from the 2.4 hours of the ring about 2/3 of the way into the race. i want to get in touch with turn 10 does anyone know how?

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You will receive an auto-reply. They may or may not have a human reply to your email, but that’s the only channel to contact them.

ok so I have been trying all day to do this 2.4 hour nurburgring race and I keep getting disconnected from the server. now with the challenge running out I am afraid I wont be able to get this. I mean I keep trying and of course all the lobbies im going into have over an hour left in the race. there should be a better way to help racers get this challenge like in career mode or free play

well its official I completely missed this challenge cuz of the poorly set up endurance race! thanks a lot guys

Yeah I was hoping to get a two for one by taking an Audi R8 NA for the 2.4 hours and got disconnected, I hadn’t looked at the mileage in a while so I don’t know exactly when I got disconnected but I was far enough that I got the 200 miles in a Audi/BMW/Merc/VW “German Connection” so that was pretty discouraging…

Not the greatest feeling considering I’ve never been “disconnected” from a game in FM5, I’ve had it crash plenty of times but I only get disconnected when it will waste a couple hours I could have spent in a car class I much more enjoy on the Ring with some friends instead of racing one guy who wasn’t completely bad while dodging all the people we were lapping who must have thought that if they spun us out they might miraculously make up 1-3 laps of the ring before we could get back on the road…