Half clutch does not work

Hi, I have a g920, in the game, it does not matter how much you engage the clutch while moving, the car moves and this is abnormal !!! In Horizon 4, if we suddenly let go of the clutch, the car would pause a bit and not move, which was more natural. But in Horizon 5, the clutch is practically artificial and it only differs at high speed for changing gears !!! Do you have the same problem ???

G923 here on Xbox SX and clutch do not work at all.
When I press clutch pedal, engine is still connected to the wheels.

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For this, you have to define the clutch manually (I also had this problem). Now the question I have is why you can move the car without moving the clutch! And the car does not move violently, it is difficult to explain this problem

I did. Been recognized as RS Up. But still do not work in game. Only in control configuration screen.
Reported all bugs related to wheel but got copy/paste response for all of them - known issue bla bla bla.