Had some bizarre achievements pop up earlier today playing this.

Ok, this all I’ve played on my Xbox One since I got the game last Friday so there are no other achievements that I was due notifying for. Anyway, long story short, was playing it this morning. Whilst playing I had three achievements pop up. Cannot for the life of me remember what they were called but they looked like Horizon achievements. One of them was for 100 gamer points, another was for 5, and another was for 10, I think.

After I’d finished playing I figured I’d just go look at what the achievements were for. Only there are no achievements for Horizon 2 worth 100 points. And the three achievements that I unlock this morning are nowhere in sight. Checked all my other games, nothing for those either. Even though I’m still convinced these were Horizon 2 achievements. I was actually shocked to see they were nowhere to be found.

Anyone got any idea what the heck that’s about??


Your 3 most recent achievements:

Earn 500,000 XP for your Club.
Unlocked 3 hours ago

A Wild Drivatar Appears!
Win 3 Head-to-Head Races against Drivatars with a Bounty on them.
Unlocked 4 hours ago

Pink Wristband
Obtain the Pink Wristband.
Unlocked 21 hours ago