Had mybfirstvtaste of online lobbies

Wow online lobbies are amazing with 24 cars on the grid …couldnt believe the caos at turn one (unfortunately in my first race it was caused by me not realising my breaking zone :disappointed:) had some amazing wheel to wheel racing with a guy called ace vipper cant remember the full gt but great racer there was a GD few though …i noticed that that the crashers ended up at the back of the grid anyway and allowed us to pull away ahead but just thought i would post about theb24cars ,I think this has mad the lobbies more of a challenge especially in the lower classes , have you all found it to be good too or was this just a lucky lobby lol

Sounds like you were lucky.
I went online only to be smashed off the track the very first race.
You say you pulled away from the crashers, Well try and do that when you start mid pack.
I lasted exactly 1 and a 1/2 races and gave up. I like to think I’m a fair racer and try not to crash
but there were people who just joined to smash their way through the race it seemed.

I would definitely agree and say you’re lucky. I’ve had the game almost a week and I have had three actual races out of probably 30+. The rest are just a joke sadly.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it though!

The public lobbies are a joke full of idiots that have no clue how to race, i don’t understand the enjoyment people can get out the game just smashing in to people, every corner you had at least 4-5 people who didn’t bother braking and just smash in to you, this is one of many areas where project cars is so much better, it must have a more mature player base.

yup, you got lucky.
my first and last online experience was Sunday. i played most of the day. i had one race where the second and third lap was a great scrap between 4 of us. all the demo derby guys were in the back and the leaders were up front. we were mid pack.
i assume it will get better over time as the demo derby guys get tired of finishing last and the new Need For Speed comes out. the issue, i feel, lies with forza horizon. people think that the horizon series and the Motorsports games are continuations of each other. i was a semi bad move on turn ten’s part to put the forza name on the horizon series.

I was in a lobby last night where two beefed up trucks and a van were purposely smashing into people trying to race… I went back to career mode after that race.

Yea looks like it was a lucky lobby anyone who as after a clean racer add me in not the best but I try to avoid incidents lol , xo OUTLAW


Yep I would say very lucky indeed…

I had my first, and last, experience of MP (Leagues) over the weekend and after starting in the middle of the pack on Brands Hatch (in the wet) was holding my own until the first corner when I didn’t realise I was actually the brake for other cars behind me. Dusted myself off and got back on the track and managed to make it to turn 2 when I was once again a brake… this time I ended up last. Finished the race, well not quite got a DNF, but hung in there.