Had a ? Forzathon

What does a Ferrari have to do with Porche I was wondering

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Please explain
What are you talking about

They can both be european sportscars.

It would be unfair to say use a porsche to win a porsche because no porsche in base game.


Not in FH3’s classifications they can’t :wink: :slight_smile:

Didn’t the barn find event in a previous Forzathon require the use of a Porsche to unlock the rumour?

Just before anyone gets frightened they are missing anything there’s isn’t a new Barn Find…

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Sorry for any confusion! I’ve amended my post to clarify that it was during a previous Forzathon.

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I thought The Ferrari was considered under exotic although Eropean, witch would be my second question Porsche would follow under exotic correct?

In the box next to online adventure in the ingame setting it announces Forzathon is ready and a picture of a Ferrari is is box announcing it has begun just curious

Forzathon pictures generally have nothing to do with the actual prizes.

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Does it matter
Only 1 event is to win a Porsche

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Sorry don’t meant to upset people just a random ?