Hackers and Modders - How do we tell for sure if they're cheating?

There seems to be a lot of hackers and/or modders in Forza 4. Is there anything that can be done about it? Knowing how to pick them out for certain would be helpful. I have strong suspicions and there’s evidence in the replays but I can’t be 100% certain. I just want to know a way of detecting them so I can boot them from my games and unfriend them.


To check if they’ve hacked…

Save the replay and check the telemetry. Put it in game cam mode.

  • If they’re revving at redline and keep accelerating.
  • The horsepower is low yet they’re still achieving better than possible speeds.
  • The telemetry is completely offset, sometimes with no valid readings.
  • They’re French

Theories, like I said in the OP. I’m not 100% sure but sometimes they’re so fast it’s a ridicule to proper racers.

Any other ways to detect hackers appreciated.

I’m also testing the theory that hackers can’t race on simulation damage because they blow their engine. I have a saved replay to prove this theory although more evidence is needed. They also avoid simulation races for that reason it seems.

For a decent race, apply sim damage. Boot idiots who drive wrong way.

This thread was a very interesting read. The theories.

But how do you know they are french?

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Turn 10, microsoft whatever you want to be called, when are you going to put a stop to these cheats, who have hijacked the Forza games that we pay good money to play, see below, is this you?


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Those things are out there but it doesn’t seem to be as big an issue recently. These hackers must have moved on to other pastures. I come here today to look into the Forza 2 multiplayer, but noticed this was still up here.

I think the best way to spot hackers is to save replay and check if…

  • The telemetry is completely off, sometimes with no valid readings.

But in saying this I wont complain any more so long as they keep Forza 4 running because it’s a great game many have spent a lot of time on. I’d rather put up with the occasional hacker than have it shut down.

Thankyou Turn 10 and Microsoft. I’ll get the later games at some point this year but even then will come back to Forza 2,3 and especially 4.

Shut up and take my money! :slight_smile:

This post is subject to Modders edit. 2nd line if player named be replaced with “#1 ranked in Circuits Leaderboard”. 3rd line may need editing to take out track names if too specific.

My rule of thumb for Circuits is “if they are more than 10 seconds faster than “ONR Chronic” then they are cheaters”.

The most recent activity I’ve seen was 22/7/2019 on Top Gear West Reverse, 3/5/2018 Road America and 1/6/2017 on Suzuka West (I won’t mention the classes). One of these even has a replay inspect.

As for action (to those read this post after 1240 views) . Call it out. Use the tools Microsoft give us.

  1. Highlight player.
  2. View gamer card.
  3. File Complaint.
  4. File complaint (re violation of Xbox Live Code of Conduct).
  5. Tampering.
  6. Cheating.
  7. File complaint.

Then let it go. Some action maybe taken (really? nah) but I’m not expecting any.

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