Guest/Celebrity Rivals Idea

So, this morning I came to the realization that we have 2 cars in this game associated with Wayne Taylor/Wayne Taylor Racing. The #12 F333SP that was piloted by Wayne and the #10 Corvette DP piloted by his 2 sons Jordan and Ricky with Max Angelelli and Rubens Barichello. Can we figure a way to get these guys to put some laps down in game at a track of their choice, in their respective cars to add a new challenge to rivals? HMA did it back in FM4 with Ken Kurtz in his trans am and im pretty sure there were a few other pro drivers that did rivals too.

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Agreed. I also would not mind going against non-race car celebs. Or celebs who are car guys. The Top Gear guys I though for sure would happen in FM4 but no. Maybe alternate months. One month against a pro driver and the next say Jay Leno or Adam Carolla both of whom are big car guys. This is gonna be another wish list thread right?

Wasnt really aiming to make it a wish list thread but more of an idea that came to mind when i was tuning my #10 WTR Corvette DP the other day.

Or Tommy Milner in in C7R

Technically Antonio or JMag are in the #3 but feel like tommy might be better choice for Xbox

Unfortunately, I dont think you would ever see milner do that, pretty sure hes associated with speedhunters/electronic arts. Jan Magnussen would definitely be cool to race against.

How about Johnny Herbert in the 787b around LeMans? That would be an epic rivals event.