The issue might already be known but i would like devs and other players to be aware of an issue I am seeing. I can play the game for about 3 races on my EVGA 970 with custom bios and water cooling. so its no slouch. Then i notice that after each event is completed my graphics card memory isnt being dumped from the previous race. its just loading the next map onto the memory on top of it. As most users of a 970 know it only has 3.5gb Vram thats full spec, the other .5gb when used creates unplayable conditions. And after 3-4 races It becomes unplayable.
So I hope this is rectified soon.

It’s well known. There’s a memory leak somewhere.
It also affects other GFX cards, so it’s not the VRAM issue specific to 970’s. I’m running a 970 myself until my new 10 series card arrives with 8GB of memory, so i’ll get 6 races before it turns into a flipbook.

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I haven’t noticed this that much with my 970. Then again, maybe the memory bandwidth on the 5930K/X99 mitigates something or other?

are you running it in 720p? lol
1080 with max settings and 3- 4ish races and it gets stuttery.

I run multiple SSD’s which also seem to help cover it’s effects. It’s only specific games, like Far Cry 4 was a bad one for it. But it’s once you notice it, you can’t not see it sadly. lol

AGREEEED! My girlfriend walked in between different races and she picked it up instantly! she’s like " i know it looks better sweet heart but how are you playing still with that much stuttering? go play on the xbox" haha silly girls. . . pc master race.