GTLM on Daytona in Forza 6

So, I’m starting to follow GTLM with Daytona being the first race I caught bits of. The majority of the GTLM class are putting down 1:44.XXX lap times without cutting corners like you can in Forza. Any tips for tuning the GTLM cars in Forza to get out of the 1:48.XXX rut on Daytona while keeping all four wheels on the track?

Daytona was the first race with new GTE/GTLM rules, in Forza 6 we have no GTE/GTLM cars in 2016 spec.

If you look at the results from the 2014 Daytona, the GTLM class was in the even still. 3 seconds is a huge gap to make up. Even with the Ecoboost prototype, I’m only in the 1:43’s while they’re consistently or less…

Upgrade the engine in GTLMs to highest HP level and add wider tires in front and rear. I can do clean laps in the Viper GTLM (red one) in the high 145’s consistently in a day race at Daytona. Running the McLaren GT3 car I’m at high 146s after a full engine HP upgrade and widest tires front and rear. Also do a little tuning, a bit less down force, reduce rear camber, etc. Race the AI in unbeatable, some great races with pit stops mixing things up. The AM GT1 has to pit a lap earlier so depending on race length it works out to an advantage.

T10 should consider grouping these cars at GT3 vs GTLM and allow both classes to run together and have overall and class specific race results. Plus I’d like to do just GT3 races at certain Euro tracks to copy the Blancpain series. Have fun!


Prototypes were in the 1:41’s I believe. But if you trim aero off like they do in real life I’m sure you can get a lot closer than you think

The cars at Daytona were also piloted by professional racing drivers that were tuned by teams of engineers. So, there is that.

What I find with different drivers in the same car at FSAE competitions is a difference of quarter of a second per km. 5.5ish km Daytona would make 1.25-1.5s reasonable difference in lap time.

Also, these cars don’t necessarily match the performance of their real-world counterparts. Unfortunate side effect of a video game made for the masses.