GT demo

In 9 hours the GT Sport demo goes live and I’m under the disturbing impression that the demo alone will destroy Forza Motorsport…

Although you can’t play it yet, the pure demo mode with AI-cars-only works already… It looks sharp, it looks smooth and it has a whole bunch of georgeous cars we won’t see here that soon (and I’m not talking about the GT vision fantasy cars). You will be able to transfer your earnings (cars, credits, liveries) to a certain limit to the release version.

But all aside, the one thing that will truly devastate Forza for me: GT Sport will feature Qualifying rounds. No more Mr. Bump car on high difficulties for me.

I hope we’ll see a big feature patch soon, guys.

Yes, it does. I found myself playing the GT Sport Demo far longer than Forza 7 (been playing since launch friday UE). The demo is only good for a few days but most of the stuff you earn will carry over. So far I have to say it brings me back to the old GT A-spec days. I love the little challenges they have and how hard they are. They are so frustrating, but you want to keep trying to get that gold trophy. Graphics as always look amazing, also the Scapes section is very cool, also the video and museum for each car manufacturer is slick. Now, if you compares demos, its not even close, but most of us have played both games before so we don’t buy becuase the demo, we know they both have good products. Now as for the racing, it’s not even close, GT is always set for realism and simulation and this is what you get, very hard, but realisitic, as for Forza, especially getting rid of the bonuses for assists off, has turned me off to Forza 7 this year, that was part of the challenge to earn extra credit, now I might as well run on easy with everything on. Also, the bumping in Forza has never changed, it can be easy to cheat and more frustrating when it happens to you. So for the long answer is yes, once this comes out next week I see the true racers moving to GT Sport, especially since this is the 1st on the PS4, and sad to say the 3rd on Xbox 1 and the product got worse, not better.

I think the physics of GT Sport were actually really good, it was really fun to play on the controller. The lack of campaign and the (somewhat) small amount of cars and tracks disappointed me though.

I don’t know what Project Cars 2 is like on console or with a controller but I’ve liked it on PC with my Logitech G29.

Giving the GT demo now a few days, I still enjoy it. I do agree the lack of campaign, even though they have the A-Spec challenges, only 3 rows in the demo, I think it will keep most people busy for a while. The driving and physics though are just so much better than forza. The races are a lot harder also, as I stated racing in Forza now seems to be to arcade driven. I think its niche will be in between the Sim games of GT Sport and Project Cars to the other end of the spectrum of FH and NFS.

Now playing both for two weeks, I completely agree with what I discussed earlier. Forza 7 is an arcade racer dead smack in between FH3 and GTsport/PC2. Not saying it isn’t fun, it very much is but don’t expect it to be realistic like a sim. Two things that haven’t changed over the last few Forza games is AWD rules, and rubbing is racing, the bumping can be ridiculous sometimes, it’s not only when I have to use it. With Forza 7 it is fun because you are challenged to win at any cost, cutting corners, bumping, rewinding, whatever it takes to get the next level, car, achievement and that is enjoyable, but GT Sport is completely different in the manner that it challenges you to become a better racer, trying to perfect each corner, just to get that half second to get the gold, it can be frustrating but more rewarding in the end. The one other main gripe I have is Forza 7 seemed so not complete, loading times and restarts were ridiculous, luckily I played GT Sport in between loading of tracks to keep myself busy and it allowed me to level up and earn cars quite a bit over the last 2 weeks, and that’s where GT seems so much more polished and finished. Hopefully future patches will clean up the loading times and bugs that crash my Xbox One.