****GSW - D.T.G.T. - Something Different - A700 Ford Fiesta ST****

This tune is for short tracks like Cat School.

I would like some feedback and let me know how big your smile is after driving it.

Search GSW or D.T.G.T.

Will give this a go. Sounds properly mad and I could do with some giggles.

Took it around Cat School which is really an acid test for a car like this. Definitely a fun drive and has good potential. It stopped and gripped well considering its modest handling stats. I’m assuming here that the tune didn’t misload - as seems to have been happening around the traps - but I couldn’t get it below the high 47s because of a general understeer. Neither throttle nor lift would help tuck the nose in, so I ended up having to almost right angle the bends rally style. If it had a bit more steer on it it would be a little rocket.

Thanks Mick. I will play with it some to try to get the under steer out some. Will also change some different dif settings.

I only really drive a and have recently built a fiesta. Just for fun as it’s also my girlfriends mums car lol. I’ll give this a try later mate