**GSW Budget Challenge** Results Posted Pg 8

Votes are in - 19.4% for Spa, Silverstone GP, KH Choice (Sebring Short).

I will be running 5 laps per car, per track.

So with that being said, lol Looks like a 3 track event.

Points system - Say 20 cars are entered 1st place get 20 points, 2nd get 19 ect…

Will keep taking entries until Deadline below.

Now for the Contest Rules other than the Track

B Class
Car starting price $50,000.00 or below
Swaps are allowed

I use TCS, ABS, Manual w/clutch

Deadline to share tunes Feb. 3, 2014.

Big thanks to Little Vixen and everyone at T10 for sponsoring this contest.


Prizes awarded for the following:

1 - Overall Winner
1 - KH Favorite (most smiles for the miles)
1 - Best Bang for the BUCK - (Overall standing + Car Value (cost + parts))

Can put a paint up, anything as simple as your GT will work

Entry List:
ALFREDOS NL - car received
mattp27 - car received
SmG Krawler car received
RubberDave - car received
JohnnyD1999 - car received
I 1ee I - car received
Mr Fade - car received
SlimyTurt1e - car received
WearyMick - car received
NightlyToast - car received
MoneyMan300 - car received
OGR Moss - car received
Jebitron - car received
SP01LED JAM1E - car received
PM1980 - car received
T **** joe1 - car received
Sharknose 51 - car received
Gaz 0x - car received
Rosny - car received
JDawgCash - car received
SirChickenHeart - car received
TN Eagle - car received
Raceboy77 - car received
Geministorm2 - car received
crash220 - car received

Here is the list that I have so far.

The last comp eat up my CR, so I am working on getting more to get the rest of the cars. Gonna start testing tonight when I get home from work to help with that.

Here is what I have so far. If I missed something let me know

Deadline was last night so here is the Entry List.

I have 8 out of the 25 ran. Should be able to get the other 17 done by the end of the weekend. Trying for 3-4 a night. Took a break last night and did some ABCs.


Just to be clear Knuckles, 50K car starting price means we can spend more than 50K with upgrades?

I was wondering this also.

Correct. 50k starting price. Then whatever in upgrades

Can I jump in on the fun?

Welcome aboard the MADNESS

late entry, sorry! I’m in if there’s still room :smiley:

50,000k and under
…so does that mean the B<W 1 series is eligible as it is exactly at 50,000…or does it need to be 49,999 and under :slight_smile:

…oh, there are so many tempting cars, I must know the track :slight_smile:

Yep it is good to go. 50k and under

What if you stuff under 50,000 in upgrades in a Shelby Daytona. Does that count also?
Sorry, had to go there.

Now now joe.

I’m sorry if you’ve said it before, but what’s your preferred brake pressure?


Updating OP

So just to clarify, when you say swaps are aloud, does that mean we can swap a FWD to RWD?