gs points

Hi over night i lost all my coupon points that i have buyed with paypal?? How can this happen

‘GS’ as in GamerScore? If so, you’re going about acquiring it the wrong way and Xbox Live may very well be onto your shenanigans.

Coupon points srry

Coupon points that you can paywith paypal

I have not a clue as to what ‘coupon points’ are. You’ll have to be more specific as to what you purchased and if not from the Xbox Marketplace you’ll need to take that up with the retailer.

Could this be the Microsoft points that reverted to currency?

I think you are able to link your PayPal account to XBLive to buy them. If so, the value should still be there to spend as you wish.

Either way, this seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Forza Motorsport. Here is the appropriate site for seeking assistance from Xbox support.

Do they mean tokens?