**Grudas Gallery Photos AND Videos**

Welcome to my gallery! :slight_smile: I do often take pictures and videos in forza motorsport games, here’s what I currently have managed to capture in FM6 -;

photos -;

Videos, yes they do come from my own channel, no adds or monetization tho so I earn nothing -;

First gameplay video, over 3 hours long -;

Forza 6 Gameplay - YouTube

two forzavista videos -;

Nissan Skyline R34 Fast and Furious Edition - FM6 Forzavista - YouTube
2014 Terradyne Gurkha ForzaVista - YouTube

and a quick drive of the R34 fast and furious edition, at the nurburgring, in wet… :o

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Nurburgring in rain - Forza 6 - YouTube

My personal favourite has to be the second shot. And while I like the a few things about the shot, there is one thing that could of been tweaked. And that is the aperture level since a higher aperture would of made the shot even better.

Hi Grudas, good to see a familiar face from another forum, great start to your collection sir :slight_smile:

ehey! :slight_smile: thanks!

and thanks for the comments guys, I will be submitting more but right now, racing is the priority :wink:

Thought this was real for a second!

+1 Very nice shot, love the reflections on it.

Me too, haha, had to look for that Forza helmet!

Love the MR2 shot.

The high vignette setting doesn’t do it for me. But with that said, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

I agree on the vignette! did look a bit out of place when I uploaded the shot :slight_smile: looked better on TV tbh!

Great shot Grudas



haha :slight_smile: thanks guys! I wasn’t even planning on sharing that MR2 shot at first :o

built this drift beast -;

love it!

Some nice photos, remember and be aware of where the watermark is though.

Drift missile!

love it :slight_smile:

another angle, think I like this more!


^Both are very nice!

A couple new shots! :slight_smile:

Great shots!