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Since Forza 4 is 3 years old, and all of the best cars have been indentified, I notice that in certain classes there are only a handful of cars that will get used. I recently got together with a new car club (the old one was a bunch of my friends who just goofed off, but have since gotten rid of the game or stopped playing, leaving me the only active member), and began racing R3 with them. At first it was alright, the difference in speed from S to R3 was a good change of pace, but after running R3 for awhile, I noticed just how boring it had become. Everyone uses the same couple of cars: Mosler MT900S, Joss JT1, Ferrari P312, the ocassional Mclaren F1, and the Ultima GTR. BORING.

I’ve gone back to racing S-Class, as you see more cars there. Sure, just like with any class there are a select number of cars that get used almost every single race, but there is a greater amount of other cars that I don’t see all the time. I will no longer go any higher than S class, because the car selection becomes too familiar.

What classes do you guys like to run, and why? Are there any classes that you just refuse to race?

My preferd class is R3, even if i race alot in A, S and R2 too. As you said there is basically no variety of cars being driven in R3, and its somewhat the
same in R2
in R3 you can occasionally see a Porsche (Mostly RUF) and a Ferrari but most of the time the room contains of Mosler and Josre they are fast buts drivers. Wheres the fun in that?
I have tried those cars on several times, and sur tveo drie, they are fast but they are no fun to drive, so i stick with my Porsches…

I think the Mosler MT900S is fun to drive. I liken it to the Pagani Zonda, it’s light, responsive, and lightning quick around the turns, even if it is a bit slow everywhere else. I too have been driving a lot of Porsche lately, specifically the 997 RS, which I’ve been driving almost exclusively the last 3 days.

I have a real nice R3 # 54 Porsche tune in my SF for free if you want to try it.

I know you prefer the faster cars, but often you will find much more variety in A,B,C. Also the racing tends to be much closer and the cars are much more well matched usually. Driving in the lower classes really points out the drivers flaws as they cant just gas it after a mistake, you need to learn to carry the speed, not just gas as hard as you can then brake as hard as you can roll through corner and repeat.

quote from a mate i race with “lower the closer”

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I was going to make almost the exact same comment. ABC is where it’s at. Plenty of variety and really close racing.

I hate the unlimited X lobbies where everyone uses Sauber Mercedes. That is the most OP car in the game in my opinion

I do agree the top classes are a little boring. I like B class for the variety of the cars and it just seems to me that B is the most competitive class. Not alot of LB car drivers.

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The Sesto Elementos have been pretty annoying in R3 of late - whenever someone hops in one of those, you know what’s coming…

What’s wrong with the Sesto? Personally, I like it, but only on a very small number of tracks such as Road America, Road Atlanta, Hockenheim, and very occasionally Sebring. It’s fast and can still hold some serious grip if you build and tune it right. I still prefer the Mosler MT900S for almost any track in R3 though. It’s just a great all around car on every track.

My personal favorite has to be the Murcielago LP-640. I never see ANYONE use this car. I ended up building and tuning one to just over 900 hp, with a decent amount of grip (I think the lateral G’s are somewhere around 1.30). For Sunset and Road America, the car is absolutely perfect.

I love the variety of s-class. There are loads of cars that can run competitive lap times. There are a good number of decent clean drivers that can be seen almost daily so you can nearly always get in a good lobby. I’ve never had any reason to join the hoppers of any other classes so haven’t done for more than 2 years. I just know they won’t be as fun as S-class. Also, it’s very rare you’ll see people running the lotus leaderboard cars. I guess you do see a lot of Porsches, such as the Sport Classic, because they make great cars for racing with their crazy launch and good handling and acceleration, but that’s fine. You can have 16 decent drivers in a lobby all using a different car. It’s great. Everyone still playing Forza 4 should start racing S-class only and we’ll get some good lobbies going.

I’m not ready for S class. I don’t even like those cars. I like B the best so far. But I should try C and A more, and do like they say, the ABC lobby more.

B class racing is best for online I reckon. Fast, clean and close door to door racing always, and a huge amount of competitive cars to choose from too.

Yes I do agree that the fastest cars have been identified, And in some classes they are “must use” cars if you want to compete. (very low and very high classes)
How ever my preferred classes, ABC’S it’s not so much of a must. Good driver can often keep up and compete with unlikely cars. and occasionally even outrun LB cars.

Actually in A, B, and C classes people who often run LB cars are “hated” minority, and that brings more unlikely cars out of the garage, and on to the race track.