I figure that once the patch is out, and we can save our multiplayer replays, we should be able to do some group photos.

Alas, this one of the things that I had intended to do on launch day, and have since lost the list of people that were interested.

This would be a good place to not only share the results, but as well find others interested in getting together for group photoshoots.

Please no Spotting, spitting, or spatting… none are necessary.

----This Space is Reserved---- (is the equivalent of spotting)
----Your version of my photo is garbage---- (is the equivalent of spitting)
----You stole my replay and took photos---- (is the equivalent of spatting)

There are reasonable uses for each, specifically if we are all trying to take the same picture, Which is bound to happen, and I may actually hold a contest for… hmmm

Photos to follow of course… ehem… once the car pack is out.