Groove Radio

Playing on Xbox am using OneDrive and Groove Radio to play my own music in the game.

It works, kind of…

I have about 30 tracks in my playlist but it seems to have problems playing them continuously. Sometimes it will play just 1 song, sometimes 2 or 3 back to back, but never more than that. I have to change out of Groove Radio and back in again to get it to play the next song.

Tried different mp3’s, deleting and recreating the play list, but always have the problem of it not playing the tracks continuously.

Any ideas?

Nobody having this issue?

Ok, can anyone confirm if they are using Grove Radio to play their own music in the game and it’s working fine?

I am having the same problem with my Groove.


I am having this issue, I don’t really mind it too much because it’s soooo much better than what it was when the game came out.

no need to use groove radio. just turn off the radio open the groove app and it plays as background music over the game. works fine this way for me.

Groove blows chunks!

First I have a HUGE NAS connected to my network with literally gigs and gigs of music. Will Xbox connect to it? NO

Second, I copy a handful of files to One Drive. Fire up Groove, it sees the files. Good. Then I run Horizon 3, and change the radio to Groove. It says I need a subscription to play my own music!! Really?

Third, a $10/month subscription that competitors charge $4/month for? No thanks.

So I’m with jon3sy9, I set the radio to none and then stream all the music I want from my NAS.