Grip Turn Racing League

Looking for clean drivers who are interested in competing in a point based sim league, which features a Driver and Safety Rating that matches you against similarly safe, competitive drivers. Races are based on signup sheets in our forums. check it out at

Check out our first race.

Then go to to sign up for the league. thank you.

I’d be interested in joining if you allowed for 3rd person. I’ve been playing racing games from 3rd person for some 20 years, it’s pretty much impossible for me to play a game like this otherwise. And unlike assists and the racing line and such, I can’t see how different views allow for an advantage beyond what the person driving the car feels most comfortable using.

I agree with this completely. I race no assists, race clean but use hood or bumper view. You guys are making too big a deal about the view setting IMO and loosing a lot of folks who might otherwise join. Have fun though!

It’s a sim racing league so its important to me and the other members that you are forced to drive in the car like you would do in real life. It also puts everybody on the same playing field, whether there is an advantage or not, its important to me that everybody is driving on the same settings. We’re still recruiting members so check out the website. If your interested go to the website and click on the registration thread and follow the directions. Thanks

But the in-car view in this game is terrible and not at all realistic. The FOV is significantly, SIGNIFICANTLY reduced from that of real cars. I know this because the '85 RX7 I drive in real life is basically a glass dome with some of the best visibility in any car I’ve ever been in, whereas the '85 RX7 in this game is extremely claustrophobic and very difficult to see out of.

Furthermore, someone could have a 3 screen setup, which gives them a huge FOV over just 1 screen, and therefore this is a pretty major advantage. Someone could also have a racing wheel - again, this is an advantage. Do you disallow wheel users or 3 screen users as well?

Well, we’d love to have you Cubivore but our setting aren’t going to change. racing in third person gives you a wider field of view. you can see whos beside you and behind you without having to manually look out the windows. Plus, everyone has to play on the same settings regardless of whether or not u think its advantagous. This ensures everyone is on the same playing field. But like I said, if you want to join we’d love to have you. Maybe you could practice in the cockpit a little. You can be as slow as you want to be in our league, no biggie, as long as you can race clean.

Well, nevermind then.

Check out this league race from last weekend. The first 6 or 7 laps were awesome! - YouTube

If your interested in joining go to and register using your xbox live gamertag.

Check one of our latest races. we had a lot of fun.

if you want to join the league go to

I have just signed up to Grip Turn Racing League am I am interested in learning more about it. And also is there an initial race?

How often is races held?

we race throughout the week. usually try to get 4 or 5 in a week. check out our website to see race dates and schedules. if you want to compete in the league find the register thread under the new drivers tab and follow the steps given to register.

trying to get the league back together for the new year! check out our forums to learn details about the league and how to join. thanks.