Grip Handicap working?

Has anyone been able to get the grip Handicap to work on Xbox? I have 2 buckets setup in Freeplay with one bucket’s grip handicap set to .25 and it doesn’t seem to be working at all. Anyone figure it out? Maybe it’s multiplayer only or something?


Grip handicap works only if you set a roling start of the race. It’s some kind of a bug.

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Awesome!!! Thank you!

Hmm. Still didn’t work unfortunately. I’m trying to go with 2 buckets in freeplay with one bucket set with a grip handicap and still not working with rolling start. Probably some other parameter that needs to be on or off.

I’m having the same problem in free play and in Multiplayer. Really sucks too since I run a weekly race league, and we use handicaps to even the playing field across skill levels. We can’t begin our first FM7 season until they get that sorted out.

Would be great if they patch this. It’s what we use all the time in multiplayer too. Disappointed so far with this.

Grip handicap will work but only if you do a rewind after the race start. Think it must be a bug but it does force grip handicap to work, even in free okay against driveatars.


I think having rewind off altogether fixes it as well though hopefully, this problem will be fixed.