#GRIDLIFE RD2 Date November 10th

Since we didn’t get alot of circuit races going on we just moved straight to drift for our 2nd event of Gridlife go follow us @forza_grid on instagram to get the latest news for events. Message us if you want a solo photo to be posted!
Track: Circuit Of The Americas Fullnull

Drift lobby set up:
20 minutes
Damage: Simulation
RWD Only!!!
No race tires or drag tires!!!
Max class S 800
Minimum B 201
No crashing on purpose results automatic kick
If you go off track make sure no one is coming before you go on. If you wish to spectate on the track in drift zones clear the track and stay far away from the track on the grass patch. If there is a big crash report it to one of the leaders so they can stop everyone from drifting or slow the pace of the cars down. So they can help the person who crashed to the pits once cleared they will let you go! If you have crashed and are totalled hop off the track as quickly as possible!!! This is very important to run this smoothly. Then inform that you have totalled your car! Then we will assist you. IF YOU ARE DRIFTING DO NOT DO JUST ONE SECTION EVERY DRIVER GO IN A CLOCKWISE ORDER!!! Drivers meeting will cover on the zones we expect drifting in… if all goes according to plan we will host these more often and different tracks… look foward to seeing you.

Times: Eastern
8:00-9:00 Setting up lobby getting cars ready getting track prepped
9:00-9:30 get everyone together
9:30-9:50 lobby one is done save replay for instagram and youtube
9:50-10:00 take a break get cars ready for 2nd lobby
10:00-10:20 second lobby done get more replays
10:20-10:30 get solo pictures.
10:30-10:50 get group photo’s.
11:00 pm clear venue.

Follow @forza_grid to see for more photos and more edits
YouTube video may be coming out to so watch out for it.