Are these guys at Forza ever going to include a way to qualify for a grid position in SOLO play, because the way it is designed and has been designed for years is so dumb. it seems all they think about is adding expensive car packs every year and not making a lot of changes to the Game features. Forza seems to be turning into the race version of EA FIFA. Were it is the same thing that gets released every year with one or two new features and never addressing the bigger issue at hand. Please please copy some of the features Gran Turismo has implemented in their most recent installment GT SPORTS; and give us an entertaining career mode. even if it is added as a dlc I would pay for it. Make something different for once, so many racing games you can implement features from. F1 career mode that makes you feel like you are an important driver in the racing world… I am tired of playing the same game year after year, and I know there are lots of people that feel the same way about FORZA.

please please please… I hope this gets seen by someone at the FORZA team

Why don’t you post in the wishlist instead of opening a new thread?

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You can send feedback directly to the developers via Also be sure to post features you’d like to see added to the thread linked in the Wish Lists Go Here post pinned above.

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