GRG 2nd Annual Indianapolis 500

2nd Annual GRG Indianapolis 500
Saturday, May 25th 4:00pm EST
Forza Motorsport 7

All GRG Rules, Regulations and Driving standards are expected to be followed. Any obvious deviation/disregard from the rules and driving standards may be subject to post race investigation/disciplinary action. See #grg-rules-regulations

Game Type: Circuit Race
Damage Difficulty: Simulation
Fuel & Tires: Simulation
Collision Mode: Always On
Tune: OPEN Tuning and Forced Stock Upgrades
Race Length: 85 Laps
Compare Best Lap Scores: No
Grid Ordering: Best Lap (Ascending - Yes)
End of Race Timer: 5 Minutes
Quick Stops: 2

  • Qualifying
    Collision Mode: Always Off
    Compare Best Lap Scores: Yes
    Grid Ordering: Random
    Per-Car Roll Off Delay: 2 Seconds

Eligible cars:
2019 Chevy Indycar
2019 Honda Indycar

Event format:
60’ Practice Session/Meetup lobby prior to Race Lobby
5 Lap Ghosted Qualifying
85 Lap Race (3 Pace Laps - 2 single file, 1 grid up 2x2)
2 Mandatory Quick Stops

Full Course Yellow/Safety Car Procedures:
FCY and Safety Car is available to be called by Race Control if needed.
Appeals for FCY may be made by drivers if they are involved or witness an incident not seen by Race Control.
If FCY/SC is called. All cars and Leaders are to begin to safely slow down in single file position.
Pit Lane IS NOT OPEN when FCY is initially called.
The Safety Car will pick up the leaders on the back straight after they cross the line.
The rest of the field is to safely catch up and regroup single file with the pack.
Once behind the Safety Car, Pit Lane will Open.
Lap down cars may get 1 lap back while under caution.
Number of pace laps under Yellow and Restart lap will be announced by Race Control.
All restarts are to be SINGLE FILE.
With 5 laps remaining in race, no Safety Car will be deployed and race is Green to the Finish.

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15 Confirmed entries of 23 grid spots currently. Don’t wait and miss out, spots will fill quickly the closer it gets to race day!

GRG Indy 500 - Day 2 Practice session

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