Grey Wolves United, A forza Motorsport/Wolf Community, a division of WVGI

We have been around since Forza 4 and are apart of Wolf Voices Gaming International, which is a multiplatform gaming group started on PC for Battlefield and its on every console and game, from Forza to BF to Grand Turismo , Hell WVGI is even on GTA V and COD, Wolf Voices Gaming itself has been around since Battlefield 1942 on the PC, and when we say we are on every game and console even PC we mean it.

Main: @WVGI_Global
Rainbow 6 Vegas SWAT TEAM: @SRU_Lead_R6V2

Steam Community:
RSC [Rockstar Social Club] :
Medal of Honor Warfighter:
Battlefield Hardline: Platoons - Battlelog / Battlefield Hardline

Wolf Voices Gaming International and its subdivisions are Owned/Operated by Crouse Designs LLC