“Green screen” cars

Or maybe “gray screen” is a better description. (I’ll preempt this post by saying I have searched for this topic & didn’t find anything so if it’s already out there, apologies in advance). Has anyone else been encountering this issue when previewing cars where the design will not show & you are looking at the blank vehicle? This has become pretty habitual & I’ve tried all the normal restarts, cache clearing etc. I’m on a series x so I don’t think it’s a graphics issue but I do notice it occurs mainly with the more detailed designs. I’ve even been seeing this on my own cars but it typically corrects pretty quickly. Thanks for any feedback.

If you don’t solve this problem after a few days you could try getting an SSD external hard drive. Some XBox have bad internal hard drives. Mine did… or do the designs load from the cloud? Not sure.

My thought was that this likely has something to do with the non stop server issues…

Starting to think maybe the lack of responses here might indicate I have a unique situation…

I doubt it. The lack of responses is probably indicative of people without solutions. I too have had the same issues you describe. It’s intermittent though, and much like troubleshooting anything, those seem to be the hardest problems to fix.

If all else fails, you could always submit a ti… naah, nevermind.


:smile: yeah, I’m with ya there…

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This. Exactly. 1000%.


Happens at auctions too. Or some of the liveries have stock color in part I try to put great liveries and tunes on auction cars, and 5-10% of time it happens, independent of artist.
Did it in FH4 too, did a ticket 3+ y ago.
Not holding my breath.

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