Green, distorted Fullscreen on Hisense 49" UHD-TV


i have a problem with FM7 playing on TV.

When i want to switch the option “window” to “fullscreen”, the screen is getting green and distorted.
The window mode works fine and other games run on fullscreen with no problems.
I tried different options with fps lock and so on but nothing helps.

What can i do?

Thanks and greetings from germany.

I’m having the same issue.

Go into settings/gaming/game bar and see if the setting ‘show game bar when i play full screen games microsoft has verified’ is checked. If it is try unchecking it and see if it helps

Nope, doesn’t work either.

Ive been having this issue too. Sharp 70” 4k@60hz.
I unplug the hdmi and plug it back in, after a couple time it usually comes back.
In my case everything is fine until I go to any race menu, then it acts up.

Get a better quality hdmi cable or one that’s not faulty

The problem is in the synch signal being processed correctly. Yes, it could have been a bad cable but I’m an engineer and have many cables around with specs way beyond the bandwith needed here, also tried dataport. Get the same thing. My thunderbolt port is fine.
I’m guessing time inthe handshake for hdmi is screqing up one of the blue signals as its the same all the time. Firmware fix is what i’m waiting on. Not a “change your hdmi cable”. Although that was a well thought out question, you took into account all the possible branches to the root problem, analysed apparen problem and branched it away from root cause.
Masterful to do with one sentence. You must have just told them “i don’t need an MSEE “, “I already know everything!”
Well done sir.